Mandarin = Cantonese ???

Went to watch a movie – “Curse of The Golden Flower” on 31st morning at Sunway TGV,

It is the most expensive movie invested in 2006, with my favorite director – Zhang Yi Mou, and both very outstanding actor and actress – Chow Yun Fat and Gong Li, I’m really looking forward for them.

But surprisingly, and should I say disappointed, they spoken in Cantonese, which I found weird because from TGV website, the movie is categorized under “Mandarin”, with Gong Li speaking in Cantonese, I can’t feel any impact from the movie, thank you for your incompetent!!!



PS: Anybody recognized the Billboard for this movie which Chow Yun Fat’s face but named Jay Chou, Jay Chou’s face named Gong Li???

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