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Marry Vietnamese

What the hell, one of the ads appeared at China street. The ads said, gurranty you marry a vietnamese girl in 3 months time. 20,000RMB only, 6 days return trips from China mainland to Vietnam.

The coolest part is here, the FOUR gurranties;

  • 1. Virginity assurance.
  • 2. Marry in 3 months.
  • 3. Price is fix at 20,000RMB, no more extra cost and increment.
  • 4. Exchangable to new vietnamese girl if the wife escape/runaway in between one year.(Sound like one year warranty).

And, if you are interested call the no. la!

5 replies on “Marry Vietnamese”

paul, is RMB200,000, not RMB20,000

1 year full warranty lo wa lao! and is 1 to 1 exchange, like computer hard ware… kekeke

virginity restallation is easy now, easy operation can do the trick already

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