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MSN Messenger Virus

Desperate to view a chick personal profile? Do you believe cyber chicks? Hehehe, be realistic my friend, in the end what you get is a virus 😛 I got a virus message from my friend in MSN. With the cachy messsage “Wow, this is you ?” When you click on the link, which is the time the website will inject the virus into your PC.

I remember last time i also got a cache message, “View my picture”, some smart ass change the msnid to a girl contact to get the _Picture_…. It’s like Hitz.FM gotcha.. “Gotcha my virus” 😛

Hehehe, beware in the cyberworld! May be the girl you always chat with is a guy 😛

4 replies on “MSN Messenger Virus”

I got a virus from my friend,,,,,,,she sent virus to every1 on line…..but it turned out the virus is sending it. it says: hey wanna che ckeck out mt new photo album….i made it just for u….or please accept my new photo album it send out differnt msg
if u accept it… use stuck…..u cant move ur mouse and windows of msn will show up…..sometimes there’s black lines on ur computer after it sent out the virus. u just have to exit ur msn to delete the black lines but u need virus program to find the virus and delete it. also it’ll show up bunch of commercials. even u delete ur msn and download again it’s no use

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