Michael Bay u Suck!!!!

ILM you’re the BEST!
Michael Bay, please STOP thinkin about shootin the 2nd episode!!!! Let John Woo shoot it,
You Suck!

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Jason you got your point~ BTW, THE HULK FROM ANG LEE leh!! and it is still better than this movie!
Bottom line, Michael’s direction(as the director) totally screwed up the movie!!!!!

hi King..

my friend Ric just watch the movie just now, he says special effect, explosive, robot fight sipek ho liao!
but story line and acting maka LC…

i am going to watch 2morow anyway… kekekekek

1st of all, the CG is terrific…i will give the stunning CG artist and the character design a credit for the great job. I love the toys too. But….The story plot is totally something wrong. is kinda screw up. Michael Bay is like directing a MTV rather than concentrate a
story of a giant robots. The style of the camera is too fast…too closeups. no sense of meaning. as i say…is like watching a MTV or a stunt reel. The robot still not enough emotion and characteristic… doesn’t bring out the Autobot itself like the old school.

i’ve watched transformer just recently and i’m so dissapointed with the whole process of the film making.

i’m not actually a fan of trasnformer but i;’ve heard of trasnformer duing me younger times…not alot but still i have some trasnformer toys and they are alwasy good..

from some people they would say that the older generation(before strwberries)..they enjoy it very much because they like the transformers and especially now there are in 3d la…

there is nothing else to be appreciate except for the 3D and mr.transformer itself…
the shot is bad, the editing is poppy the fighting sequence and choreograph is l;ike big monkeys jumping around and you cannot tell who;’s winning or loosing..

my very last word is..they tried too hard to put everything in it…

i hates michel bay, he finally screwed up transformer movie, suck you michel bay, u massed up this image that people deeply cherished and put in their mind since their childhood! fuck you!!!

haha, my colleague bought the whole classic cartoon, watch it again and again just to forget Michale Bay’s ruined transformer :p

I haven’t seen it, but looking at how the robots are designed based on the press release. I can’t help but agree with ‘King’. And to think that a Executive Producer who’s a fan can allow a Director who’s not a fan direct the movie.
I just dont like the way the robots turned out to be.

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