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Migration :: Hard

I bought a new server few months ago, the server has been using for development, testing on company works. After development, format, reinstalling. Finally everything is well configure, that’s why you are in :). There is a problem for me to shift my clients website from the old servers, hope they will forgive me for the minor, a very minor downtime and some issue on the webmail. Don’t you feel it’s fast when u surf my blog, Sogua’s blog, May’s blog and Ice Queen’s blog?? This what I paid for and to provide good services to you all 🙂 Migration work is really tough… Hope to get it done by end of this month, and… my works is back again.. My life is busy with work and joy(with my laptop).

Continue.. migration..

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Yes, you can go for that, they are really cheap 🙂 my hosting only meant for application development & business. Firewall + security is my major selling point to our clients

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