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Myung Power

Apology Statement 

The previous content of this post has been deleted.

I have spoken to the CEO of Myung Power Mr Piong to better understand the issue and clear up any misunderstanding. I would like to apologize to Myung Power and Mr Piong for any inconvenience caused by the previous post.

Mr Piong clarified that Myung Power is not a MLM scandal company and it’s not related to myhotaccess and Myung Power is a licensed MLM company and has been established for more than 4 years.

4 replies on “Myung Power”

Whenever someone approaches me with a new MLM scheme- I hear them out and politely decline.

The rule-of-thumb is: if anybody promishes you to make you rich without workign hard, he’s probably lying or there’s something illegal involved.

My wife only joined Amway not because of the MLM but because we wanted their products at the distributor cost.

MLM? My sister is NuSkin, my SIL and BIL are network 21 (Amway), I macam kuih kapat, listen to them critising each other….may be I should join another one counter tham back hor? 😆

good guess Maria, maybe his chinese name really like that… kekekeke…
Paul, Uglymen is having some promotional shows in December, wait me free first, i upload all LB and Kenneth photo on to my blog and cerita more there… kekekeke

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