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MRR2 Is Closed Again

Kepong is jam! I passed by Kepong baru today and saw a lot of cars trapped in jam. After passed by MRR2 bridge only I noticed the bridge is closed again. Sympathy to the fellow who live around there and selayang.

Back to home immediately log on to the website to check out the news regarding MRR2. Yes! The bridge is closed and repairing works will start from Tuesday, and the cost of the repairs are? RM20million, Contractors Bumi Hiway, Sukmim and KKM (Wilayah) will pay for the repairs.

Something pop into my mind, the bridge was closed from Aug until November last year, is it close for repairs? Nobody knows.

If you are coming back from kampung tomorrow, my advise is don’t take Sungai Buloh exit!

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i was there on the day it closed. Lucky i was only going to Taman Ehsan. There was a jam after the Taman Ehsan exit towards Kepong/ Jinjang. Sigh….

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