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My Personal DNS DNA Test. It’s a long test, but you can find out your personality based on the prepared questions. Be patient, I spent 10-15 minutes to complete the testing while listened to Jason Mraz’ songs.

I am a Concerned Leader. It might be true, IF I become a leader some day. There are some accurate points;

  • You tend to believe that things happen for a reason, and that not everything is under our control.
  • You’re not afraid to let your emotions guide you, and you’re generally considerate of others’ feelings as well.
  • Your observations of your environment, in concert with your clearly defined worldview, leads you to be aware of the feelings of others.
  • You’re in touch with what is going on around you and adept at remaining down-to-earth and logical.
  • You tend to find beauty in form and efficiency, as opposed to finding it in broad-based, abstract concepts.
  • Try out yours, and share it with me :).

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    wah liao… u actually took the test… i can’t even finish the 1 set of questions. fell asleep liao. i rather pay RM10 to the uncle on the street who read face/palm… easier. hehehe.

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