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My Friend 3kheng is so into Blogging now

chinese has a saying, “silent dog can kill you easily”, the silent contributor for, suddenly goes into full time blogging, i salute him gao gao. He actually quit his job in Kuala Lumpur, went back to the paddy field state, which is our hometown, Alor Setar, started his blogging life..

this is what Kheng routine life in Alor Setar… Early morning he wake up at 9am, after brush his teeth and didn’t change at all, walk out to the kopitiam near his house, just less than 50 steps away to have breakfast with uncles. after order a glass of kopi “o” peng, he start to mingle with the ah peks and sor there to talk cock… about why pork price increase, rice price increase… why edison chan did that and this.. until about 10:30am.. he goes home shower and start online to read for news of the day. after that play an online and at the same time think of what to blog for that day.

around afternoon, he will go to his dad office to have lunch together gether, also mom… and some worker, and update about what he dreamt in the morning, which girl he picked up in the dream and all… after lunch, that’s the time he started to blog… and play game and blog.. until tea time, he rides his favourite Honda C70 to Teluk Wanjah to eat fried bee hon + XO… and seeing some instant friend who having tea time there…

after the XO, obviously he is a little bit sober, he usually take a short nap before his stomach calling for dinner.. then he woke up around 6pm, to watch chinese show and online to chat with friend on, until dinner time.. after dinner with family, he will drive his Perodua MyVi around Alor Setar to see the boring night life there, he likes to go one of the hawker centre in Jalan Putra called “Shan Shui”, as in Mountain Water in mandarin… He has a lot of friend there, he likes the fried “yin yong” over there, can you imagine after dinner he actually go there to take away the fried “yin yong” for supper?

Well, why not? Alor Setar is so boring with slow pace life style, I wish I can be like him…. don’t have to worry about car, house installment, electricity, water, indah water bil.. and best of the best, he don’t have to stuck in traffic jam hours…

Alor Setar, i miss you so much.. 😛

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慶…. you should go Shan Shui more offen to meet your best friend “Ah Keat”…. He miss you alot …. 🙂

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