3 Replies to “My Mac OS X”

  1. Brilliant!
    My sister is using Mac laptop, ive tried it, i’m not sure for programming, but it is quiet ok for multimedia usage(of cos, Mac leh!!)

    First of all, i dun like Microsft for sure, but i’m not as good as our Mr. Paul (expert in all types of OS),which limit/force me to choose it, i really hope Google OS can come out soon 🙂
    here is sume matter which confusing me..

    how to control the driver, since we intall it on our PC, arent that ori Mac and PC are using differnt harware, how to maintian the driver, for ex. nvidia grapgic card…

    I’m a multimedia user, there are sum useful lite software which save me a lot of time to do sum correting part, but too bad these small/lite software mostly did not supported by Mac, can this Mac(that install on PC) support them? for ex. soundforge, kingsoft…

    Can we configure the Os like how we control window? for example, adjst the memory, control the reboot speed, configure this and that to save more space….
    No doubt Mac OS the interface is charming, but in another hand, it use alot a memory, which is consider a “taboo” to multimedia user sumtimes, cos during the 3d rendering, spare more memory will save yr tears from any “inconvenience” incident 😛

    Last and not least, Game of cos, how well can it support pc game, recenlt, erm…Warcraft of cos:P

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