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My Mentor Quits Blogging

The other day my colleague chatted with me, he asked when did I started to blog? Thinking back to the day I started to blog… I started my blog in Jan 2005, during that time it wasn’t a blog, just a few pages, stupid look website, and was registered in March 2004, it was own by a person who live in Penang, I believed he forgot to renew the domain name and unfortunately it taken by me after that 😉 But dude, I maintain it very well, now is PR5 🙂 The blog started when the time I bought Nikon D70(and sold after that) and continue until now.

Who enlightened me to start blog? Is she, twinsmama, and you know what, I am so sad to hear that she quited blogging from today. How can she do this to us, she is mentor for me and sogua, both of us started our blog because of her. At the beginning of blogging, we found her blog is interesting, funny, have sense of humour, educating and friend making. Yea, blog can make a lot of friends, and I met few great bloggers. Beside that, blog can share a lot of information too(misuse of your blog can lead to plagiarism).

One of the reason she quits is;

After 2 and a half years of blogging, I find my English still not improve up to the standard I want, I feel very disappointed to myself, no matter how hard I am trying, it just doesn’t grows in me, and so often I found myself can’t really express well with my standard of English, so I decided to quit and concentrate on my Chinese.

Luckily I still can read mandarin, not much affected(your title scare me off), but blog is kinda personal thing, you shouldn’t care about what outsider commented on it. In the other hand, just treat is as a compliment 😛 You should continue blog as you like, as long as we; your blogger friends can understand, it doesn’t matter you are using manglish, english, benglish or kienlish to blog 🙂

Talking about poor english, I also got complaint from some readers. 2 weeks ago, my CEO told me that I have to brush up my english, he said my english is t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e. I took it as a compliment, because no matter how poor it’s, you people still can understand what 🙂

So… come on twinsmama, don’t give up la!

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wei, don’t lar sounds like I will be disappear forever lar, like going to RIP like tht :lol:, I still blog in the Chinese blog what. And without blogging in English, means I got more time to lurking around mah.

BTW, I changed the name of my Chinese blog liao, last time that one suppose for hide out wan, now changed it liao, no more damn 文艺 like tht. but I still keep the comment board off, I kena spam like siao, damn tire to delete it, and the damn spam filter not working also.

now I baru tahu there was a dude didn’t maintain his domain name, and then you took it LOL…

when one quits, it must be for the right reasons. if her intention to start blogging was to improve her english and if she feels she hasn’t done so, then she has a good reason to quit. however, if she realised along the way that blogging is more than a tool to improve one’s language skill, then she shouldn’t quit and continue to write – like paul says – in any language – be it bad or street english or bad malay language.

p/s – you bloggers want to start an english class with me? very cheap one… 🙂 so gua… apa macam brader?? never come visit us also… you have 2 weeks left…

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