My Workplace

While working in a company, we will be given a place to sit and do our work. Some people might like their place and some might not. For me, I am quiet ok with my place. I felt my workplace is full with rubbish, before I clean up and make it look neat, gotta take a shoot what is on my table 🙂

This is the place I do my work during working hour

Phone that colleague contact me while server down and aircond controller to turn on aircond of course 😛

I love music, you know that, so there are some CDs on my table

Memory card reader, sometime need to process images from journalist

A mug from Lisa, Pen holder got it from Macromedia seminar, client’s name cards

IBM external CDROM

60GB External HardDisk, built in Centrino and run WinXP 😛

Of course, the main machine. My laptop

CST, look! Mobile phone with Keypad! hahaha..

My bottle with Intel Centrino inside and run WinXP as well.

FreeBSD cds

HP charger

Stablizer, shared with Sogua

External CDROM’s bag

That is it, clean up now! How about your workplace?

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  1. oh, pls~ i’m so sorry to say this but that toy hp is wayyy OUT of my list =p
    change a new one la, kawan~ *winks*

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