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MyIX, Malaysia Internet Exchange Launch on 15th December 2006

MyIX – Malaysia Internet Exchange will launch on 15th December 2006. Malaysia’s ISPs “big players” TMNet and Jaring are the member of MyIX. This time, others local telcos in Malaysia such as Time, Digi, Maxis might become the member of MyIX too. Local ISPs and Telcos are required to inter-connect their link to each other and make sure that broadband user doesn’t required to access local ISP through outside international links such as Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong or China. I think MyIX will also improve internet connectivity for local broadband user.

Just hope it will be a great and better internet exchange in Malaysia. Previously, MIX, also known as Malaysia Internet Exchange was launched few years back, only incorporated with Malaysia 2 giant ISPs, Jaring and TMNet. The project didn’t work out as expected.

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The three founding members of MyIX are TM, Jaring and AIMS. The rest of the peering members are Maxis, Time, Digi, Nasioncom, Heitech Padu, MyKris, Airzed, Extreme Broadband, VDSL, EBTech, Freenet, Bizsurf, Paneagle and CNX.

why 3 years back the project didn’t work? financial? traffic? core router?

how is the data traffic of IX in malaysia(bit/second)?

what is the demand of core rauter in malaysia?

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Hi hi,

My company also provide the internet services to corporate customer. Can I know how to apply to become MIX member ? Anyone can advise ?

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