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Network Down for 6 minutes

Date: 19th Jan 2006
Time: 12:42pm-12:48pm
Why?: TMNet Netmyne Data Center changes switch, unplug and the cable and plug in.

Well, this is a 6 minutes downtime, but during that time I was in the middle of uploading an article, can you imagine, after you have finished typing 500++ words of article, when you click on Publish, it went blank, when you click back, it’s gone. How piss I am now, they do thing unprofessionally, they can simply plug out the cable without giving you a notice.

Beside that, my friend was sending out a 12MB image file, half way it stopped(almost 70%), gosh… again, I got curse like hell.

They think we are idiot, they think I don’t know the 6 minutes downtime, they don’t I place the servers there just for fun…

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ya i know it sucks, never consider locating any company or important web or server in netmyne or any malaysia IDCs.

They don’t have any failover system.

Singtel rocks anyway. (ya… but more expansive)

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