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New Laptop. No linux/unix for Danny?

My New Laptop
It’s late now, suppose to sleep now, but want to blog for a while!

Yes, I got my IBM Thinkpad X40. It’s really great, light, durable! On performance side, it’s good enough for me(I only develop web application coding ma, and I don’t play game).

The specs,
Intel Centrino 1.5 Ghz
40GB HDD (Minidisc?)
1.24GB RAM768MB RAM(max is 1265MB)
Wi-Fi B/G
External (really slim) Combo Drive!
One damn cute backpack
and etc

Want to know more? Please give me some time to play with it, it come with a lot of good stuff, especially the HDD active protection system. I will get more picture up on Monday. Why take so long? Need to reinstall everything ma!

Stay tune, and looking forward to read more on my X40 🙂

Unix/Linux? No to Danny
Hahaha, Friday evening, while I am playing with WINE and CrossOver Office, Danny said it’s cool, he said will run Linux on his laptop from Friday night! I just received a sms from him “I will install back windows.. …” Heh, I think that photoshop & Flash MX don’t really works on WINE or CrossOver, for time being, due to new project need a lot of designing, I will still with Windows, until I can find a stable Window Emulator

6 replies on “New Laptop. No linux/unix for Danny?”

I tried linux once, but at the end was just dissapointment. So lack of features, and i have problem all the time with USB, help! They say open source is good, ya only Firefox is good lah.

Well, the most important is running photoshop and flash for me. Now i think i need Illustrator as well.
I am not moving into Linux/Unix yet, MrKiasu, yes linux/unix is powerfull. On server administration and scripting on Python, Perl, PHP, C and etc.

If you are looking for a unix and linux for normal user use, u can try out Ubutu.

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