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Nice WAL

Yesterday, accompany my boss – Max to do some photo shooting at KLCC. It ended up got cursed by him gao gao, think not to bring my WAL out again next time 😀

Tuesday night we are going again. Shorty, Max, myMAC, Shong2 coming? It’s cool to see lima biji D80 out together 😀 Hope that Shong2 washes his balls else it will be another raining day.

Met few enthusiastic photographers from Bangkok, bunch of chilling dudes.

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AIG = Am I Gay.

Dude, your photos sucks. The aperture and exposure are off. Not to mention some weird ass chromatic aberration here and there. The one I hate the most is the one with the guy wearing the AIG shirt. Damn lame ass.

Every day i have polishs my balls…but still raining.. :(. This saturday night ok? Sure no rainning. 矮子 want to join?

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