Nikon D80 Malaysia Price

Am I slow? I just knew that Nikon has released the price for D80. I checked with several shops in Kuala Lumpur. Selling price is around RM4200 – RM4700, depend on how you bargain, how big can your mouth talk.

The kit lens looks good, AF DX’s lens 18-135mm. But I prefer to have DX’s VR lens 18-200mm(price around RM2700-2800). By carry that lens you can run around and snap nice photo. But the bad news is current D80 model didn’t sell seperately. You can’t purchase body only.

So? Continue waiting until they sell body and lens seperately? 🙂

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  1. Yah wait, the old 18-70mm DX lens is much sharper than this aswell, the 18-135mm is not so good, MUCH better to get the 18-200mm VR..

    I’m planning to get that lens actually 😉

    Better call Nikon direct at Menara PKNS and see if they sell body only anywhere.

  2. Hi, can u suggest me any shop that can give me best price for D80 in KL since u have already conducted a survey. : )

    Many thanks.

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