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Ruud Awakening

So folks (especially MAN UTD fans), i’m sure you heard of the most recent hot news in Old Trafford right? Ruud Van Nistelrooy has fallen out of favour with Sir Alex and yesterday (before the Charlton game) the Dutch striker left the stadium before the match because he was left on the subs bench.

Well, looks like he’s leaving the club for good – no doubt. I’m interested to hear what other red devils fans think about his reactions as well as your thoughts on who should or is going to replace MU’s top scorer this season.

Also, which other players should Ferguson buy to strengthen the different positions in the squad.

Let me know die-hards…!

I’ve been with Manchester United for a long time.

Frankly, I miss Becks’ free kicks. That’s why I was a goal scoring machine.

Ever since Rooney joined, Ferguson thinks I am no longer of any use to him.

Goodbye Man Utd fans, it’s time to move on. The bench is not a place for me, I belong in the field. Somebody interested in buying me? Liverpool? Tottenham? Even Arsenal!!!?

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my thoughts are simple:

actually hioh, alex ferguson is a real ego guy (he is very good in football managment we know), as you can see, how the hell he off-loaded these super stars, once a little beh ngam or beh siok with him, it’s sayonara…

jaap Stam – was one of the best defender in Europe at that time just because of a few sentence on a book. Alex put him on sale in a mere week after the incident.

Dyinght Yorke – the REAL scoring machine that turned Man Utd into the European Champions, just bcos he was late back to Old trafford for training after playing for his country Trinidad and Tobago. He was really good when he was sold.

David Beckham – The most stupid decision he has made so far, dint he know that over 50% of the total goals scored by Utd were either from Beck’s passes, crosses, or free kick? Ferguson dislike his players in the limelight and Beck was becoming “too famous” to him.

Ruud van Nistelroy – One of the sharpest finisher in EUrope, all his goals for United were scored from inside the penalty box except one (Mar 2006, vs Birmingham) where he ripped off his shirt to celebrate.

Ruud was rudely rested when he was still leading the top scorer chart in EPL with 19 goals, he was suddenly rested for 5 matches and we could clearly see he suffered from his confident level and sharpness. And the mighty Thiery Henry snapped up the chance to keep on pumping goals for the gunners, which he eventually became the top score this year.

after talking so much, the bottom line: it is a mistake to sell Ruud.

dear michael, i can only agree with you on one point. that is – jaap stam was one of the best defenders united had and it was a waste to let him go and ferguson did over-react.

however, on the rest, i cant agree at all.

yorke was coming close to the end of his career and his indiscipline was not only confined to tardiness but his late night parties and off the field antics… united didnt really miss him. after all, if he didnt go, ruud would never have come. which leads me to the big baby ruud.

he is indeed a top goal scorer but he is not a great footballer. he was at his prime when he was provided with superb service from beckham. like u said, his goals were primarily from inside the box.

without that support, we can see that he cannot really create many of his own goals. many times this season he lost the ball (and i watched all MU’s games) in the middle of the park (field/pitch) and immediately the opponents scored from his slack play.

true, he was in contention to win top scorer in the league this season but u must remember, a few of his goals came from penalties and the rest, like i said earlier, were gifts.

it would be better for his footballing career if he plays for another team which can suit his play.

as for beckham – very simple. he was just getting too big for the club. his ego – was much bigger that fergie’s. i think his move to spain has made him a more humble footballer has added maturity to his game. there were many times this season he was the best out of all the galaticos in madrid. his game has improved and changed.

one thing u forgot to mention was the dumping of roy keane. now that’s the biggest mistake that fergie’s ever made. not only was keane a die-hard united player, he was a motivated captain who pushed the team to greater heights. yes, he was old and injured but he brought many different dimensions to the team that would have helped them keep composed and catch chelsea to the title at the end.

anyway, it’s not doubt that ruud’s out of the club. who should replace him?

i think fergie’s not going to spend on a well known expensive striker. he’s gonna depend on saha and rooney and groom rossi. he’ll probably buy a back-up mediocre striker.

he’s going to strengthen the central midfield – at least 2 high-profile players. now, that’s going to make the difference next season and that’s going to help us win the league and some titles again.

did u guys watch yesterday Keano testimonial match MU vs Celtic, though not much action, but it was so cool to see Keane in Uniter colours for the last time…

oh.. ya, i din know it was alex who fired Keane, i thought it was the United board that had enough with Keane’s criticism of his team mates before the Chelsea @ Old Trafford match and axe him straight after the MUTV interview was put off the air…

hi mike, didnt get a chance to watch it but caught the end bit today (delayed). was an unbelievable atmosphere right? i think you are half right in the sense of the board viewing keane as a liability but i think the ultimate call came from sir alex cos he too was feeling threathened by keane.

hey NG, yeah, some of us hate ruud the horse as well, that’s why we’re talking about him. but the space is open for his fans to defend him too. *altho’s there’s no real defending for ruud.

so, fans… who should replace ruud?

andrei shevchencko wants to leave AC Milan.he’d be a good replacement for Ruud. hope chelsea dont get him first.

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