No cinemas for Shah Alam

Gosh, no cinema for movie lover in Shah Alam, can’t watch latest movie. So guess what will happen?? I think the result will be more Shah Alam folks buying pirated VCD/DVD to watch at home. Why the Shah Alam mayor is so smart? Oh, I forgot he came from the old generation. Anyways, does he know what is Cinema?

It is the state’s policy that no cinema can be built in Shah Alam, said Shah Alam mayor Ramli Mahmud.

Thus, the city council would not approve any application to build a cinema in the city, he said, adding that the policy extended to all types of entertainment premises in the state capital.

“We did receive an application to open a cinema in one of the shopping complexes in Shah Alam.

“The application was submitted on April 27 but was rejected on May 20,” he said.

He was replying to queries on the recent media reports on the application by MRCB Selborn Corporation, the developer of Plaza Alam Sentral in Shah Alam, to build a five-screen cineplex with 600 seats in the shopping complex.

The company had stated earlier that it was still waiting for a response from the city council to its application.

Ramli said anyone could submit an application but no approval would be given.

2 Replies to “No cinemas for Shah Alam”

  1. i guess shah-alam’ers will have to go to neighbouring regions like SJ for movies already
    (but yea-la, sure there will be an increase in the selling of pirate VCDs)
    there isn’t any cinemas in Kelantan also 🙂 -but my friend studying there survived the time without movies *heehee*

  2. so what if there is no cinema at shah alam..?What is the big issue about it? Out there already have enough cinemas in neighbouring regions such as , Pj , one utama , usj , sunway.klang ..
    may be it is time we malaysian stop having to much entertaiments…
    lets leave one of two regions a bit of peace..
    By the way even if we build cinema in every single block in malaysia, people still buy pirate vcd/dvd coz it is more cheaper than the tickets..

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