TM Net Streamyx Suck

Sometime, during surfing or doing work with TM Net Streamyx Broadband service, I will get the “Tempoarily out of resourse, please try again later.” message. I think it’s TM Net Streamyx Proxy server error message, I have collected this print screen stupid message from few people. Seriously, the 8 million rebranding company, they don’t even serious in business, employ good people, get better hardware, but asting 8 million for painting, printing, advertising and etc.

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Perl p5-Text-Iconv corrupted

Sometime, it’s very hard for me to find out what is the problem with Perl module. After taking time on debugging on my Perl module, just found out my Perl Text-Iconv module problem, I think must be after FreeBSD portupgrade problem. Took me long time to debug the problem. Finally, it’s done, just make deinstall clean and portinstall again the perl module 🙂 I can bath now.. Thank Mr Perl / p5