Mad Cow Disease

Female reporter was interviewing 1 farmer regarding mad cow disease.

Reporter : Sir, would you like to comments about the mad cow disease?

Farmer : Lady, Do you know that bull and cow only have sex once in a year?

Reporter : I respect your comments but we’re talking about mad cow disease here.

Farmer : Lady, and do you know that we squeeze cow’s breast for milk 6 times a day?

Reporter : Sir, but what has it got to do with mad cow disease ?

Farmer : If your boy friend squeezes your breast 6 times a day but only have SEX once a year — WILL YOU BE MAD ???


Eric, heard you having fun in Vietnam! Oh… we are so jealous about it, what can we do? check out the pictures, if you don’t bring something good from Vietnam to us, then we will do something that you do not hope to happen! Ha ha ha…

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