Streamyx is UP @ New Condo

Oh yea… after the telekom fight, finally my streamyx @ the new condo is up and running. This is the first post in the new condo which I am moving into next week. Bloody hell, just come back here to check whether the internet is working or not.. seriously, you will think I am weird… haven’t move in but setup internet?? Ya.. I’ve got to make sure I have internet access… I’ve got to monitor servers @ night one leh friend…

What’s next.. will be busy moving in this and next week.. blogging more.. soon. Very busy with projects… Nepali Times! Bhushan..

Cannot stop

Planing to come back, don’t want to stop one month. A lot of unfair thing happened, and I need some where to voice out loudly. But mind you, Malaysia don’t have freedome of speech/voice. You got to extremely becareful during blogging something related to poli/business.

Good thing also happened, I also want to share with friend. Birthday coming soon 😛 it’s 5th August, 22 years “old”.. older one year adi.. Please ready your present, may be will have house warming + birthday bash with Max and RJ in 2nd week of August.

Uglymen coming to town in August, join me, have fun with them. They Rocks!

I decided to share what I know in webserver, mailserver setup with fellow friend who visited my blog. or may be some programming tips/tricks. I am not expert, I got to share, because it’s open source 🙂 and I welcome your feedback

Temporary Not available

Refer to my post, feedback from Sogua and Danny.

Danny said he is too busy, a lot of work, no blog wor. Indirectly, mean I am too free, no work to do.. So I can blog, kanna.. I also have a lot of work!

Sogua leh, he said he is simple person wor. Indirectly, mean I am complicated person lo..

ok lo.. offline for 1 month, I need to finish3 projects, move house, shifting… I am busy too.. see you all next month 😛

Quote by Paul Ooi: “Busy”, a good excuse to make yourself lazy to work on something



Amalan rasuah politik ini sudah jadi satu budaya. Bagaimana ia boleh diselesaikan?

ABDULLAH: Ia memerlukan tindakan yang menyeluruh. Kalau kita semua sama-sama benci kepada rasuah politik, kita akan sama-sama meninggalkannya dalam sekelip mata sama seperti orang Melayu bencikan daging babi yang haram.

Apabila haram tidak ada siapa yang mahu walaupun bab arak itu ada juga yang mahu. Kalau kita ambil sikap begitu dalam soal rasuah ini, insya-Allah. Kalau semua orang berfikir begitu tidaklah ada yang sampai terdesak melakukannya.

from utusan!