Chen Seong and Lee Mei Wedding

Yesterday was my cousin wedding, time flies, very FAST!

Last time I still remember my cousin korek me woke up watching World Cup in year 1994, I was still in primary school, dunno what is world cup, but he scare ghost, me and Ah Wei woke up in the mid night teman him.

Then later he went to Ipoh further study… Finished study, back Penang work and until today.. Walau.. Fast leh! But he was a happy man yesterday, married a beautifull 表嫂 back home 🙂

Woke up early morning “gel” hair and ready to 接新娘!

Some nice photos in the bed room and living room

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Back to KL

Yesterday Max told me he caught in jam at Ipoh while on the way back to KL. I am so scare to jam in highway! Dah kena twice, drive 8-12 hours from Alor Setar to KL, can die..

So me and my uncle decided to wake up @ 4am and balik KL… Ahh! Luckily no jam.. All the way back to KL, smoothly! Stop by Ipoh makan breakfast and take a short nap @ Tapah rehat because woke up too early…

4:30 depart from house!

bo jam ah, and nice weather in the early morning

Some of the driver don’t understood “Ikut Kiri Kecuali Memotong”, so this “CBKia mm lok lok chat” blocking my way to take over him for 1 KM, at last I took over from the left lane.. Lamer Driver!

Happy Halloween

Halloween day is not that special in Malaysia, but I really like people who wearing the horror costume runing around.. IF office allow, we can wear costume to office is really cool!

and has this really cool header of their search engine 🙂

Happy Halloween!