Happy Birthday Dino

Happi Birthday Dino-sor cai. A lot of colleague having birthday this month, because of a lot birthday in this month, we also eaten a lot of cakes 🙂 I also want to thank for beloved colleague who bought me birthday cake 🙂


Wei, take da cake la.. want Meera hold for how long 😛

Banana Andrew bought him banana

Here come.. take out the candles and serv us

Now you know, you deserve the cake, you deserve the serv 😛

Everybody waiting .. Haha

Danny got it :), Meera… what ya doing huh

Kakaka – wa lang kong ah beng ei english

Hehehe.. Funny, found out this from Kenny Sia’s blog, which is really cool… da Benglish translator..

If the below line in Benglish, what would it be….

kanneh, Max, lu khi hor lang kan… danny lu ho ke leng nga chak ka chui… oh yaa… danny gui jit kua cha bo ei leng… sipek hiao.. ah chua, chee bai chua si chi bai lang… kan nih naa ma leh. Lin shi lanh jiaoo lang, kui jit chor lanh jiaoo mee kia ho wa lang.. beside that, ee kui jit copy lang ei design.. jin tu lan lorr…

here come danny song..

danny hoh lang kan.. kan … kan… danny hoh lang qiam qiam qiam… danny hoh lang kan qiam kan qiam sipek kiong kan..

LoL.. let me see what would it be…

Ei, wrong, I must type english.. so .. let’s try this..

scold neh, Max, you let people scold you, danny.. you always look at.. eii.. cannot.. me white(lim peh) need to censor first. Ah Chua, pussy chua is pussy people, ai.. scold your *tut* *tut*… Lin is bird people, every day do bird thing to us, beside that, he always.. ai.. me white got to censor again…

here come danny ei song..

danny let people scold, scold , scold, danny let me tikam, tikam, tikam, danny let people scold tikam scold tikam go to hell…

LoL.. enough.. stop.. wa beh tahan liao.. see the result here