Cleaning my desktop files, suddently saw this file. Oh Ya! A piece of good work from King. Using don’t know what what 3D software to draw it. I love looking at creative artwork. For beginner, I think this is great work. Keep on the good word dude 🙂 Is it copyrighted? hehee…

Mobil or Shell

I am a mileage concern driver, I care how far can my car goes with the petrol I filled, as you know, the price of petrol increase every day/month/week.

So, I watch shell advertisement all the time during movie-ing at cinema. Better mileage, then you can see the bird fly more far than other birds. You can see how good that handsome fellow throw the shell to… Datuk Michael Chong(拿督张天赐) & Asha Gill said it’s good… better mileage…

But Paul Ooi want to say… IT IS NOT THAT GOOD. Why? I filled in RM68 Shell V-Power last week, and how far it can go? only 428KM. Compare with Mobil, I fill in full tank of Mobil Synergy “F1” is around RM58-60, how far it can go? 450KM! It’s true, you can try with your car if you not believe Paul Ooi 😉

I am not sure what is the different between Synergy F1 or V-Power, I only know… Pump the petrol and keep my car go 🙂

Happy Father Day!

Wow, check out the fellow who standing there. Who is he? Well he is my beloved Fourty Three(43) years old Dad! Look young huh? ya… he looks like my brother more than dad. He is the one who take care of me when I was young. who feeded me while I am hungry, who bought me toys when I was lonely, bring me to KFC when I want to eat!

Back to the time while I am in secondary school, we watched football together during midnight. Sometime, we went to eat “Bak Kut Teh” or prawn mee in the early morning of 4am! or we also went to eat “dim sum” and chat in the midnight 🙂 We chat everything!

Well, I miss those day!!! Now, this thing can’t happen again, because he is lazy dad, he don’t come KL find me eat bak kut teh… Hahaha… don’t khi siao la, ask him drive 5 hours come to KL ciak Bak Kut Teh with me, somemore KL bak kut teh not that nice 😉

Ah Dad, Ah Father, Ah 爸… Wish you all the best, faster become millionaire, so I won’t work so hard here. Happy Father Day! 父亲节快乐! 林伯永远爱你!