I am nerdier than 77% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!Just finish lunch and found out this nerd test link. No research to link with their questions. How they judge how nerd am I? Have no idea, but just to have fun before finish my working friday!

Lunch time, normal we have lunch between 1:30pm – 2:30pm. I found out we lunch earlier that last time, we use to lunch @ 2:30pm or 3pm. Beside that, it’s hard to get everybody ass up and lunch together. Now I found a good way, walk and don’t wait for them, who you think you are? wait you.. nah… hahahaha.

Today somebody FFK me, said will be stand by with me til 9pm, but he said tired wanna go back rest. Sigh! nvm, I can do research on Prado and finish up my work.

Online KaraOK?
Feel stress, Sogua invited me into Yahoo chat room sing song, to release tension. Well, I sang Beyond – 情人, Dinasour shout bad word make me laugh non stop. LoL…. Where can like that one, a lot people inside one leh. Ei, what room is that? Oppss… forgotten, because invited by Sogua!

Not today
10:35pm, still in the office with Dinasour, waiting for the office broadcast testing to end. Damn hungry! damn moody!

Kabilan Birthday

Today, is our Editor – Mr Kabilan birthday. How old is him? Well, not too old, not too young, in the middle stage. heheh… As usual, we will buy a cake and celebrate with da staff, this time I took the job and bought a cake from Angel cake house in Bangsar Telawi during lunch.

Mr Sogua “sipek” smart, can’t find a place in the frige, and he put it in the freeze place. Luckily din’t put so long, else wasted my effort. I think he purposely one la, because Max and Me did something to him, heheh..

Suddently interested to take SAP certified paper, but kinda expensive, around 25K for 3 months part time course. Should I invest into it? Well, I need to do more research on that, see how demanding is the market for now and in the future. Need to get more info from Julius, he got a SAP in HR.

Looking at the e-book writen by Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans(they are the god of PHP and founder of ZEND). Malaysia PHP User Group May meet up is on next week Thursday 26th May 2005, I manage to get John Lim from ADODB to give a talk on? ADODB lo. It will be interesting and Ditesh will be speak on WACT framework. If you are PHP developer, what are you waiting for? Come and join us, read for more info.


After finish the work work work and due to the heavy rain aftre work, plan to send sogua back to home. But before that, have to think about my dinner, where to “ciak”? hmm.. some where that we will not caught in rain. So I suggested KL Sentral. Ah Max, Ah Chua and Ah Paul. 3 of us to to KL Sentral, petrol around look for a place to dine. If you ask them make decision, I think until 12am they also don’t know where to “ciak”. Again, I suggested my favourite fast food restaurant – KFC!

Ei, before that. Lin went something wrong! Why? Heavy rain, and his car parked 500m far away from our office, when we are leaving to KL Sentral. Supricing he didn’t ask me go give him a lift to get his car. How come? Well.. I think I bully him too much and make him fear to ask for help from me? Heheh, well… If he don’t ask I also need to sek zhou la right? So.. I open my heart and offer him a lift. 🙂

Now, Sogua.Dinasour.Takizo are using Timezone Broadband in KL Sentral KFC, I am blogging. There other is hunting something online, what they hunt? Ask them lo.

Long time didn’t blog, welcome our new Blogger – Mr Max Loo, The Dinasour

New Laptop. No linux/unix for Danny?

My New Laptop
It’s late now, suppose to sleep now, but want to blog for a while!

Yes, I got my IBM Thinkpad X40. It’s really great, light, durable! On performance side, it’s good enough for me(I only develop web application coding ma, and I don’t play game).

The specs,
Intel Centrino 1.5 Ghz
40GB HDD (Minidisc?)
1.24GB RAM768MB RAM(max is 1265MB)
Wi-Fi B/G
External (really slim) Combo Drive!
One damn cute backpack
and etc

Want to know more? Please give me some time to play with it, it come with a lot of good stuff, especially the HDD active protection system. I will get more picture up on Monday. Why take so long? Need to reinstall everything ma!

Stay tune, and looking forward to read more on my X40 🙂

Unix/Linux? No to Danny
Hahaha, Friday evening, while I am playing with WINE and CrossOver Office, Danny said it’s cool, he said will run Linux on his laptop from Friday night! I just received a sms from him “I will install back windows.. …” Heh, I think that photoshop & Flash MX don’t really works on WINE or CrossOver, for time being, due to new project need a lot of designing, I will still with Windows, until I can find a stable Window Emulator

My laptop sold!

Paul’s 1 year 8 months old HP Compaq Presario X1031AP sold today!

Intel Centrino 1.3 Ghz
512MB RAM (2 x 256MB)
15’4 wide screen
Built in Wi-Fi(so obvious, Centrino sure with Wi-Fi ma)
Good condition, good performance
not to mention the new power adapter and new HDD(which burnt early this year)
62MB ATI Radeon Graphic card

Question, how much I sold it? RM2xxx, hehehe.. good price right? It sold. You don’t have chance :p

Question, what is my new laptop will be like? Well, when I get it tomorrow and try out. Will blog more about my laptop and blog on my new laptop 😀

Oh ya twinmum, I am back! I will continue blog, with niu my laptop 🙂