Lunch at one of the kopitiam in L**ky G***en this afternoon. Eric ordered a malaysian favourite Kopi “O” in that kopitiam. At first, Eric looked sipek(very in hokkien) innocent, I felt he got something to tell me, finally he shoot, “I think the kopi “o” taste some kind…”. I try to taste it, WOW! the Kopi “O” tasted like Kopi “SAI”(shit in hokkien). Ah Lin ask the “_waitress_” to change the drink, she said OKOK. Eric want to change teh ice, don’t want Kopi “SAI” anymore(human dun drink shit :p). When the teh ice safely arrive the table(color look nice, am teh ice expert, can see it :)), da lady ask Eric to pay for it! Wa lau(sometthing oh my good in Hokkien), still want him to pay! What is this! She said Eric already drink the Kopi “SAI” so cannot change other drink. Aunty, sure got drink some la, else how to know it’s a Kopi “SAI”! haihhhhhhhh… but Eric is so kind.. pay for that… for me… , i won’t pay, will fight back my RM1.40 :p

Eric enjoy his Teh Ice, after Kopi “SAI”

**PS: Eric wants to learn Hokkien, so there will be italic translation

Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice
Congratuation Lin! Our tech team slave.. oppss, designer!! Bravo, won the MSC web design competition with RMxxxx. Wow, so what’s next? For his kindness, he spend us lunch at Jalan Gasing chicken rice shop!

Hehehe, went to TMNet Clickers! Max subscribed TMNut Streamyx 1 month ago, and then hor… let him explain la… Haih… TMNut service lo

Special design for Max and fellow who love TMNut service. Right click, save it!


Office Politic
Talk to my friend recently, about office politic. For me, so far I think there is no office politic here? Or I don’t realize it exist here, or may be I don’t bother about those stupid office politic, because it won’t generate income for me nor it’s not good for me(i believe karma exist!!). In mandarin, we have a word said “two snake head” – “两头蛇”/’双面人”, a person who say Ali is bad in front of Ah Chong; and say Ah Chong is bad in front of Ali. I am wondering is that this “kind” of people got nothing to do but talking cock and talk about people during tea time, lunch time or breakfast? Well, office politic exist because of benefit? I am not too sure, but if it is benefit, well.. I think the person like to talk about people is “STUPID”? because of can’t do/perform something and then only know to talk? Instead of talking about people but not use the time to do something meaningful? Haha, there is only 3 type of person in office;
– Wait thing happen -> don’t do anything, but cock/talk
– See thing happen -> want to do, but look how people do, what is the result
– Make Thing HAPPENED -> this is the person who make something works!
If in office, everybody make thing happen, I think it will be good!

Is “TRUST” / “信” exist in this world? I don’t trust Friend/Best Friend, the reason is I do not want to hurt myself when your Friend/Best Friend betray you. For me, I only “TRUST”/ “信” my family and my love one. You won’t know, sometime the friend/best friend you trust, may be the best one who betray you, because they know you trust them, and is good to cheat. Why I said this, because my friend betrayed by his good friend, and he felt hurt. Haha, this is normal, I been hurted once on TRUST 2 years ago. I always tell my friend I said “TRUST” is on my mouth, not from my heart. But which person I trust, only I can know 🙂 Not more than my right hand fingers I guess. You will think I am so bad, don’t trust friend. I just want to protect myself ma, later get hurt again, how wor? heheh…. This is WORLD, not WONDERFUL WORLD

Workout & PHP Meet Up
Haih, diarrhea this morning, didn’t go gym. sob* sob* wasted one day.

Felt great tonight, I invited John Lim, the “man” who created ADODB to speak during PHP Meet Up tonight. John Lim’s product PHPLens is excellent, it sold to company in oversea, it can support most of the popular databases like MySQL, Ms SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and etc. It has more than 300 properties and the application is still understand upgrading everyday! Well, what I can say … John Lim rocks! with his PHPLens. Feel free to read his blog!

Healthy Lifestyle

California Fitness
Max – Da dino late for our schedule, our plan was meeting with Max and Eric at Bangsar LRT at 7:15am, then go to California Fitness to workout. But then my friend Max reach Bangsar LRT station around 7:35am, when the time we get to california fitness was 8:05am. We miss the breakfast session because of him. Hope he can make it earlier tomorrow morning. Haha, sound healthy for us? Wake up 6:30am in the morning get our ass to Mid Valley to workout? Heheh, hell of… my stomach/tummy is getting bigger and bigger, I just want to do some exercise, no more street soccer or futsal for me, because hard to match time, and my time is really bad, I have unfinish works all the time. So I decided go to workout in fitness center 🙂

Stupid games

Friend forwarded me some stupid games, a game to make yourself happy when you are down.
Slap the balls
Nothing to say, but play

People of the day

Lin with star war pose 😉

what’s so intersting huh? must be emoticon :p

Eric Kawaii pose