Why I am in IT? Why my friend in IT? Are you sure it’s right for you?

Meet a lot developers lately. They are really good.. why? Experineced at their early age, which I mean young and talented; How they managed to do that? Ditesh Kumar own a software company at the age of 25, he started his business 3 years ago, I think it’s around 22? Keep up the good work dude, I have learnt a lot of new stuff from you.

I am 22 years old now, I owned Takizo Technology, but still a small potato! haha :d For Your Information, Takizo Technology is just doing freelancing, I am full time web developer in Manage4me Sdn Bhd. Why I don’t go for full time? LoL, I am still lag of experience, still far away from me to go into such competative market

I always have the same question in mind, How long am I going to be a web developer.. develope the web application that can’t be compete with the people out there… You, me and them, we are living in the same planet… we have 24 hours / day, how come they are so so so good?…

“sacrifice” might be the word explain all. In 24 hours, how many hours u spend to learn new thing of programming? how many hours u use to loitering around? how many hours u use to search for new friend in Friendster (this is why friendster make money, more people surf, more $$ they charge on banner, don’t you notice a lot of banners now?).

The more time & efforts you spend on your work, the more you know. To there people other there who always I am good of programming, I am not that good, is just I spend more time on doing coding. That’s all. You might better than me if you do the same thing like I do 😉

Malaysia PHP User Group First Meet Up

Today, we manage to organize Malaysia PHP User Group inaugural meeting, suprice to see the people are there to discuss about open source, PHP programming and giving idea on how to keep Malaysia PHP User Group growth and helping others on PHP web development. Ditesh is the person who gave us a lot tips and tricks on PHP, learnt new stuff, WACT! A powerful PHP Web Application Component Framework, is something similar like Prado. Prado is the PHP web programming framework that I love. If you try to run their Hangman games, and yes.. it’s very powerful and usefull framework and save your time on develop new application, it’s because the “class” is reuseable. Gentoo, which running on lotso’s Dell laptop, look coool! Guys, thank for coming and the ideas been given to me. Lot more work to do.. keep the group growth

DNS Transfered & Jason Mraz Arrived!!!

Finally, 13 Domains DNS transfered to new server. Gosh, took a lot of time to configure!

YEAH… Yahoo!! Jason Mraz DVD and CDs I order 2 weeks ago from Jason Mraz’s store finally arrived at my door step! It cost me RM228.45, I tell you what, it’s worth it! His voice is awesome! Good performance, live at the Eagles Ballroom (I don’t know where is it). Great songs arrangement and the band! What else what else… oh ya, it come with free Jason Mraz sticker! I think you guys/girls familiar with the hit songs, You And I Both and The Remedy… There are also few nice songs like Sleep All Day, On Love In Sadness, No Stopping Us, Curbside Prophet… I love Sleep All Day, it really make me want to sleep all day, haha! ok, feel free visit his website, www.jasonmraz.com

Sold D70

You will think I am rich is it? Bought a nearly RM4000 SLR Digital Camera not more than a month, then sell it off.

No, I am not… But I really don’t have time go out take “nice” photo, The camera is right on top of my guitar amp, see it every morning and every night. Whenever I see it, it make me feel unusual, why? because make a feel like wasting money, such an expensive camera is staying on the guitar amp every day, and then is not able to allocate time to take pictures, lot of works is tiring, would spend my free time to rest/sleeps.

But… okok la.. just made RM150 lost.. consider ok la.. don’t think about it la… 不想就没事.. I asked that fellow vote me in lelong.com.my, say okokok… but now.. 1 month adi, still nothing.. anyways, today is 17th March, I post this because want to remember it!

Cosmetic Surgery – www.cosmeticsurgeryandbeauty.com

Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty website updated, the first Cosmetic Surgery Magazine and Website available in Malaysia. Want to try plastic surgery ? want enlarge something? implant? You should have a look at the website. Am just wondering, they told me the cover girl is a Piano teacher, do you believe? Nah, if yes… everybody will go to learn Piano from her.

Company want to switch server from current provider to other, I hate moving/switching. There are more than 30 websites in 7 servers, every server has different configuration, do you know how hard to make a check list? DNS, APACHE setting, Webmail, MySQL and PostgreSQL, VPN.. 7 Servers… More time I need…

Hey hey, downloaded a lot e-book, trying to explore J2EE, do you know what is the salary for J2EE developer? RM6k / month!! XML, a new way to store data, found it powerfull, yes, Malaysiakini is running XML, why we develop in XML but not DB? XML is FAST on reading info, especially if you are using XLTS to retrieve the data.. Discover new stuff thing month!

Oh ya, writing PHP Classes for Shooping cart… I need a code can be reuse, am converting my script into Classes, hope it can help me in the future