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Pak Lah Told To Change Your Fscking Lifestlye

Government told us to change our lifestyle, government told, meaning Pak Lah told us to change our lifestyle la, am I right? Ok la, we change our lifestyle? Why would they want us to change our lifestyle where they never change their fscking lifestyle? You smart ass can spent money send 1 dungu to the space for nothing but then you cannot spend the money to build a better public transport in the city?

How to change lifestyle la, meaning usually we have 3 meals a day now cut down to 2 meals a day? Only eat nasi lemak, support local food, and drink teh tarik will do. Boycott foreign chain restaurants like Nandos, Kenny Roger, Sushi King and what so ever.

You government only know how to talk cock la, Change Lifestyle, my ass la you all mofo.

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bn… babi negara…as said by the opposition….
opps… sorry, i am not supposed to say that, bcos that would be a great insult to the pig species…
bn is worse than them..

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