Paul-琮政 Life, just another pyramid scam

I got an email from a friend, keep asking me join passiveincome101, from the website explanation, it truely show it is a pyramid scheme, it’s just differnet angel of showing their marketing plan. Dude, stop asking me join. I was member of skybiz and few other MLM pyramid scam companies before, can said I get con into those company. I still remember the bloody CEO name LB Loh, his name is something like Loh Lay Beng, who con all the member money and run away! That time he runs a company name!

Only top member in the pyramid scheme make money. Trust me dude… don’t waste your talent doing that pyramid thingie. It’s won’t make you become a millionaire. If you want, I can write you Pyramid plan, instead of ask people put in money and wait, we can ask people buy roti bun for us and give them incentive, when they introduce more people eat our roti bun, we give them more commission. Dude, you PUT the money there without buying ANY PRODUCT is not consider MULTILEVEL MARKETING.

Quit, before it’s too late 🙂 and here is some info and readings from internet,
FBI cracks down on pyramid scam cybervillains
Secrets of the Pyramids, and other ancient scams.
Pyramid scheme
MLM / Pyramid Scams

Beside that, make a Google search, you can get more result

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grrr…those from LB and insurance company are driving me crazy. I wanna kill them.. Kill ‘EM!!! Kill the beast!!! They think they are making SO much money running their so called “own business” while trashing our decent job. They are pure pigheads when they do not even know how to respect their friend’s choice. SUCKERS~

last time, I have a friend from LB, calling me everyday. I told him I was with MLM last time and I am sick with it.. still calling, until I stopped to answer the phone. If phone have spam filter will be good also 😛

PauL: there are spam filter for phone. Urmm.. my friend has it. It’s a software that need to be installed on the phone. The brand of the phone is nokia, but the model, i’m not so sure.

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