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Past and Millennium Life and Living in Malaysia

In KL, the busy city, the city full with car, lagged with good public transportation, and the parliament filled with a bunch of talented ministers who made us live stronger in this “real world”.

Today, I want to talk about “time”.

I don’t read history, I don’t even know who implemented 24 hours a day, I lazy to check out from wikipedia. Straight to the point, back to the future, the people who live > 100 years before us. Which mean older people, or people who already now happily live in heaven or hell courts. 24 hours is more than enough for them. Don’t you think so?

Last time, the air is clean, the lands are green and you spend less time to clean, vacuum and mop your house. Even the house was small, but it was nice to live. You can plant vegetable at the backyard and eat healthy vegetable without organic, all you need to do is shit, and make your shit become the natural organic. Last time, people went out dating is much more cheaper than us. They don’t spend money in Starbuck, Movie, Buffet, Tol, RM1 Parking, go through Penchala Link and pay GST taxes.

In the movie we saw, during the old time, the people usually walking on the muddy road, drinking water beside the river, loitering at the large green field, rolling on the grass, pick some flower, sing a song + indian dance, hide behind the trees. For them, that was called, dating/paktor in old time. How nice it’s, furthermore the weather was nice, ozon still thick to filter the heat, not that hot. Don’t have to bring umbrealla, don’t even have to buy Loreal UV Whitening lotions. This was in old time.

But now, living in the city, do you actually think of how much free time do we have a day? I bet you didn’t think of it. Today, during traffic jam, I think of it. Here is the draft on how I spent my weekdays;

According to sleeping standard, we must sleep 8 hours a day, to achieve healthy living, I try my very best to sleep 8 hours a day. Now, I have 16 hours, I shit and shower every morning and night, may be it took 1 hour. Left? 15 hours, trap in traffic jam, and jam to office, usually I spend 3 hours a day on the road. Now, I have 12 hours. According to labour law, we… have to work 8 hours a day, and 1 hour for lunch, and usually hard working people like me, work over time. So I have 1 hour left. Okay, do you know, I still missed out Dinner time, time spend with family/gf/friend for a meal, I left…. 1 hour. How about washing shirt, ironing shirt, cleaning room and a short rest? . . . . . .

That is my precious time, I haven’t minus the time I spend on blogging this inspiring topic :P, and do something I like to do during free time, spending time with my love one, family and dog, research on latest technology or stuff related to my work. Usually we sacarify our sleep time. Don’t you agree?

To be frank, I only sleep 3-4 hours a day. Permanent job cannot satisfy my current financial status. Where I need to pay car loan, housing loan, expensive petrol and some daily expenses for meal, entertainment, astro bil, phone and the so called veli da fast tmnet streamyx bil. So I have do freelance after work, to earn money, for living.

I started to think, this kind of life is really tiring, especially live in Malaysia. I can’t see my bright future in this country, for me and for my kid in the future. We don’t deserve any benefit like other people who live in this same country do. We have to work bloody hard, for our future or son or daughter. Sometime, I think it’s really unfair.

From long time ago, I already realised no point complaining, because rely on the people who sit in the building is totally hopeless. My beloved teacher dies last year, it’s coming to 1 year, compensation has not been paid to his family yet. I wonder what those people do in the building. Perhaps, like Dr M said, waiting 4th floor to approve?

Complain for what? Work harder la, earn money and save money. Blessing to my teacher’s family and cheers to those ministers at sleep work. You made me live stronger!

p/s: I think I have to quit blogging, spend time to do better stuff and earn more $. I understand money is not everything, but all I know is if I don’t have enough money, I can’t build my own family and give good education for my kid.

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money is not everything but everything is money…what to do?
whatever u plan just make sure is just plan, don’t put too much hopes…eg: my colleagues n i plan for visiting other places in Jakarta, in the end Project Manager spoilt it all and want us to ‘put off’ weekend date, go back to work. Reality is cruel!!!!!!

whatever nice word or promises the higher level people said, just let go of it…perhaps it might come true but make sure u are able to WAIT..

I read a book by Patrick Morley, the title is “Men in the mirror”. It says that all of us are in a rat race, a race that never ends, a race that we chase after the wrong things, a race that we find emptiness in the end. Think about it, our parents work less and earn more, they hardly spend and so much more left for us. For now, most of us are in debts. This is what they call the “fith avenue lifestyle”, the media influenced us very much, they tell us that it is wrong if we don’t have this, don’t have that…. we live in a world of comparison, world of pride and world of greed. Think about it 😉

Everyone have got their “low ebb period”, this is LIFE… what to do?

One of my buddy fwded me this meaningful article last time, share wif u…






P/S: I not ur friend, but through ur blog, i knew paulooi is a good & nice guy.

Unfortunately, my broken family don’t left anything to me. That’s why I got to strive damn hard…

Hey paul, dont blame ur family, u arent 16 anymore. People will respect u if u hew out a carreer by ur own without dependence on family.

Sure they do. They had left love, memories and lessons for you. At least you know how to speak hokkien, you know how to respect your parents. For the next generation, I doubt so, if the people still busy running in the rat race and trading precious time that they could spend with their love ones.

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