Paul-琮政 Life

Paul Ooi’s blog or Paul Ooi’s Reporter?

What is blog, I think it’s suppose to write about yourself and what happen to me lately or my point of view of certain thing and may be some bad/good experience share on my blog. But my blog doesn’t seem like writing about myself.

Checking back my archives, shit.. It look like I copy and paste the forwarded email content on the blog, and it also bring up that i plagarize people work. I shouldn’t do this anymore, but I will continue share good and funny thing to your guys/girls.

Beside that, I don’t really write well… because my english is so so bad, a lot grammatically, mislead people who read my blog. May be I should put up, “Caution, this blog has a lot grammatical errorsss and read at your own risk!” I not sure how many, but I think a lot… because every time Roshan read my blog, he will said “hey bro.. checking your english la…”

I try my best la.. i am chinese educated student, sometime writing might be direct translated into chinese word.. for example, i eat already, you eat already or not?… if you ask me write mandarin blog, sure boleh… or hokkien blog.. ichiban!

but but….. I still want to write …. sometime my writing also looks like programming language… something like

if (i don’t write more)
my english cannot improve;
i will never success in my life;

While(i am still young)

infinite loop… learn never end in our life 🙂