Paul Wong v Paul Gilbert

Finally, Paul Wong “official” website is loaded with details, I hope it always have the latest news, so the website doesn’t look redundant. After Beyond disband, long time didn’t heard about Paul Wong news, except he voice in the last Hong Kong concert, “I am going to quit”. I think is a waste if he quit, he has the talent to compose good song and lyric! Paul, you should’t quit. Now you are with Hann, and I’m sure your bank is full with $$$, now is the time to make the music you like, no more pop bro… Pop doesn’t belong to you, I am sure you know what is your future road path is. I am always support you, buy original CD from, don’t waste my money :P, continue compose good music!

Paul Gilbert is on Asian Tour now!
June 30 Seoul, Korea
July 2 Beijing, China
July 3 Shanghai, China
July 5 Kowloon, Hong Kong
July 7 Taipei, Taiwan
July 8 Tainan, Taiwan
July 10 Bangkok, Thailand
July 13 Jakarta, Indonesia
July 15 Surabaya, Indonesia
July 16 Singapore, Singapore

Paul Gilbert, I can’t see you have schedule to MALAYSIA!!!!! It’s kinda sad, you plan to visit Thailand and Singapore, Malaysia is in between Thailand and Singapore, and you don’t even think of coming to Malaysia. So sad and disappointed… Nobody sponsor? How come nobody sponsor a good guitarist to Malaysia? sad sad sad…. Yahama Music or Bentley, do something please.. 😛