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Petrol Price Hike News

I was watching TV3, report on the petrol price hike issue. So, as usual, reporter will mention our petrol price still low compare with others countries in the world. So, how about our car price? The car price is still fscking high compare with other countries.

Beside that, there also mentioned why didn’t make an early inform on petrol price increase? Mr XXX said the petrol price hike was confirmed late night and fax out from the Prime Minister office at 10:30pm.

It prove that the government lie to us, big liar, why? Because if you read Petaling Street, since 10pm there are people published the petrol price hike issue. Wah… It seem like blogger can know what will happened in the future. Why read newspaper, we can read breaking news from Petaling Street right?

Bravo bloggers, I am damn proud of you all and a little bit on myself. 😛

Fsck petronas

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why they didn’t increase it just once ? but yet like to increase bit by bit for so many times?at least if they increase once,people will just nag n complain for that some moment and after that petrol won’t be an issue anymore. malaysia’s petrol is really making our life so miserable


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