Petrol price INCREASE?

Petrol Price Increase
Yesterday, Max told me petrol price going to increase again today. But today no news about petrol price hike, and rumour around the city will be increase tomorrow. Why increase again wor……. Don’t dare to travel much adi.. bo lui(no $$$) to feed the car with petrol adi… 🙁 why… why wor… joking only right? I hope tomorrow also same price, and next week decrease ok? ok.. good.. ok 😛

By the way, it’s 420KM, petrol going to finish, the right time to fill up and welcome the new price 🙁

Car Mountain Car Sea 车山车海 – Meaning a lot people, just like me, fill up and welcome the new price 🙁 🙁

RM1.48/litre! RM56.50 full tank go for 420-450km, price hike… I think will be RM60 adi 🙁

Hot Weather
No rain for almost 1 month! weather is so hot @ night…. Always wake up in the mid of my dream… and body is sweat! I decided to get a short hair cut… beh tahan the hot weather liao… really sipek hot nowaday!

Hair: Looking forward to grow 😛

8 Replies to “Petrol price INCREASE?”

  1. ya, seriously feel so tired of the petrol burden.. keep increasing non-stop. just increased 20cents last 2 months i guess and now not even half a year.. increase with last time when i first drive.. it was only Rm1plus a bit only.. sigh.
    Yes, Obviously our country’s petrol is the cheapest if we’re about the compare with others.. as wat “They” always said.. we’re lucky in malaysia to enjoy such a low rate on petrol compare with others countries.
    But those stupids will only compare the the petrol price, ya y not compare the car price?? we’re much much more expensive than others country~. increase 100-200%. how r u going to explain tht? how can they compare RM and overseas dollar?
    where’s our money goes to at the end of the day?? To who’s pocket?? y do we need to work so hard and pay so much to support those “Wan Than”(Definition of wanthan?? ask paul.. he taught me tht.)

  2. hahaaa…go feed up ur car now…b4 12am!!!
    long queue I can see today.
    nice haircut by the way
    look young and fresh=)

  3. What goes up must come down but not petrol. The goverment must cut back on other car related products & service. Remember the roadtax reduction. Not applicable to Big cc cars. If you can afford a big car you can afford the petrol. People like us can only afford a smaller car and so we get to enjoy the reduction. Our PM just confirm over the radio that there won’t be any increase in petroluem this year. Stop queueing and go home now.

  4. I mean anymore increase in price. Anyway 30¢ is a lot. I strongly agree with what Dinosaur says. High car price low fuel price – Low car price high fuel price. The verdict. We all get shortchanged

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