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PHP 2nd Meet Up. What is TAKIZO?

PHP Meet Up
Malaysia PHP User Group 2nd meet up held tonight. Well, thank for Mohan and Suthen from Asix Solutions present on Profiling PHP using Xdebug and APD. Tools to track loading time of your PHP script and fine tune your application loading time.

Amran from turned up tonight, we have the idea to merge both of the group. If possible, myoss in the group as well, so we become Malaysian Open Source group? If the group help the community, why not right? by that time, we need a hall to held the meet up 🙂

Unix FreeBSD with Windows Application
Stop bloging for few weeks, work on some freelance project and research on running Photoshop and Flash MX on unix FreeBSD using WINE/Crossover Office. I always think to run Unix on my laptop, it will help me a lot on apache programming and PHP development, so doesn’t need to SSH to server and do development. It require INTERNET all the time. Running Apache & PHP in windows is limited, you can really play arround with it. I have the problem if running unix, I CAN’T photoshop and Flash MX anymore. WINE/CrossOver Office only support Photoshop 7.0, just found out the emulator today. still need more time to experiment on it!

Well, if you have better emulator to use, please do drop in an email to me Thank!

Takizo Technology?
Heh, Mohan asked me what does TAKIZO mean. First, What is Takizo Technology? Takizo Technology is a company name to run my freelancing business, Takizo Technology established since year July, 2003.

What does Takizo mean? Well, I use the nickname Takizo since year 1997, from IRC to messenger, to email, to company, to membership name. Well,,, and etc are own by me. Why I came out the name TAKIZO, please… Don’t ask me what is TAKIZO mean, I have no idea. But I will tell you how TAKIZO borned!

Back to year 1997, everybody love to watch Japanese drama, listen to Japanese song. Well, I love the band Lunar Sea, especially their God, Give Me More Time theme song – “All For You”, the guitarist Sugizo rocks! Back to Internet, I hate thinking of the username with registering new membership, paulooi/paul are always taken by somebody, so need to have paul123, paul83, paul05, paulxxx… Sick to think of it, and every membership account in different site have different member name. I am so sick to think of the member name. So why not “centralize” it, so I start to think of a nick name. So, a very quick brainstorm,
TA – stand for japanese/taiwan actor, TAkashi Kaneshiro
KI – stand for japanese actor, Kimura Takuya
ZO – stand for Lunar Sea guitarist, Sugizo

That’s it. TAKIZO BORN in year 1997 🙂

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