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Friends around me are asking how to become a good programmer? I also aim to become PHP Code Samurai… Err why Sumarai but not PHP Code Ninja? PHP Code Dinasour… Heh.. the Samurai idea was found in Wil Shipley’s blog and you must check out his bravo presentation too..

Flirt with Manual/Documentation
I found out a lot of my friend don’t read manual/Documentation, may be they don’t know what is manual/Documentation or may be they are lazy to read it. People always ask me how to learn PHP, can teach or not? Sure.. CANNOT teach la, I am not really expert in it, I also learn it myself.. Where I learn from? documentation section, they have all the basic thing you need to know about it, when you have the foundation, you can visit or to download PHP applications, study their code….

Fuck with Google
I also discover people don’t use I don’t want to explain what Google can do, it’s tiring, but I want you visit here. Smart people use Google 🙂

Code till you drop
Yes.. code it, code everyday… make your code simpler and simpler and you know how to code. Code it everyday, find way to play with PHP, build an application which in your mind. Build some application which motivate you. Build girl friend gallery, build porn gallery, build personal accouting application, build an simple diary, build sex book shop, build online sex toy shop, build your own friendster engine, build email application, build car forum, build online figure shop… build build build, code code code… Do something you like… You won’t know what will happen next, for example, you build an online sex toy shop, may be it can bring in income for you when you success? Right?

Why PHP?
Simple PHP is FREE! …”Ei Paul, asp or also free what” Nah.. Free your head, you are using *irated version of Windows(I bet you are :P), it’s free? you sot ah.. your home can la, not business! Do you know how much does Microsoft Windows Server cost ah? You know how much is Microsoft SQL Server cost ah? You don’t know ah? Google it ok? PHP is FREE, PHP can run on Unix/Linux OS, FreeBSD is free, Apache webserver also Free, MySQL and PostgreSQL also FREE.. Why FREE? because it’s open source software 🙂

Read what master think
Yes, on the right hand side of my blog, at the PHP Developers section, you can see all the master is there. John Lim is from Malaysia, he developed ADODB. Read what they write and get motivated. and also check what Wil Shipley write, it’s at “Call Me Fishmeal” section.

Share with your friend
Yes, please.. If you know something, please share… Open Source is about to share, don’t keep it for yourself, it won’t make a million or billion for you.

I am not master, we can learn and share together. By the way, I don’t make porn gallery or girl friend gallery, that’s only some idea for you 😉 or somebody out there 😛
Happy PHP-ing or Coding

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tell me about it, this few days I soak in the sea of php and css, baru know how to 企水, 咪识游水.
I always google leh, change the fuse in the plug also google see which wire go to where, but true lor, a lot ppl don’t read manual, manual is the first thing I pick up if found anything don’t know, tht’s why ask you any book to recommand, 书呆子 is like this wan hehehe…

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