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Poor Car Got Trashed and Scratched Due to Un-Stragetic Parking

Trust me, after reading this post, you must or will be agreed with me parking is an Art. A poor car got trashed and scratched badly due to his/her un-strategic parking. There is only one access road to go back home, usually I can get home on that 200m road in just 2 minutes or 60 seconds! Because of ONE considerate car, I got to trapped in the jam for 18 minutes to make a right turn and head home.

Look at the jam… and the poor drivers… wasting time… caught in jam…

One of the considerate person leave a note to the owner..

Because of one car…

In return, what he/she got it…. trashed by a lorry… There are scratches on the side….

So dude and ladies, when you park your car… Look around you, is it the right space to park, especially at illegal parking space… Else… you will get what the dude/lady got on the photo above!