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Prison Break S2E10

I have been following Prison Break season II every week.

From previous episode, Sara is heading to Sundown Hotel in Gila as a plan to meet Scofield; Scofield knows Mahone’s secret, he has burried someone at his backyard. Sucre is going to meet Maricruz; Burrows and LJ get caught again by police; Bellick found T-bag;

In episode 10,

  • Bellick found the key and the money, and guess who took the 5 million in the end?
  • Is LJ and Burrow back to jail? You got to figure out yourself
  • Did Sara meet Scofield, that is definitely a Yes! But guess what? Both of them met Mahone face to face, is that the end of Scofield escape?
  • Maricruz is going to Ixtapa, Mexico; Is Sucre going off with her?
  • LJ meets his grandfather, Aldo Burrows, Do you think Burrows’ dad can help them?

Watch Episode 10 for answers 😀