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Prison Break Season 2 Episode 13

Prison Break S2E13 Preview by AMEX


It’s damn sad, Prison Break comes into the end. Next week, next Monday, episode 13 is the last episode. Why it ended so so so so soon. Every week, I’ve been looking forward for blue Monday. Monday will not looks blue for me start from next week. Sad man… so sad…

Episode 14 is coming out in March 2007. Long long time to go…

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It’s not the last episode lah. They are just going to screen it for 2 months to make way for the sport games (some league / cup thingy). Heard it will be back during January 07, if not mistaken.

March meh? Hmmm… Die loh if March, so freaking long. Haha! But nevermind, at least my favourite show Las Vegas, House and Heroes are still going on.

You should watch Heroes, baru season 1 until episode 9. Super chun!

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