Pure-ftpd: account disabled

I have configured pure-ftpd using FreeBSD ports(usually compiled from source). After everything have setup, postgresql, db, table, users and etc, it seem like cannot connect into the server with the below message…

Dec 19 16:34:14 server pure-ftpd: (?@ [WARNING] Can’t login as [takizo]: account disabled

After few hours of checking, I found the cause of the problem is the UID and GID I set was low than 1000, if you have the similar problem, try to set a higer UID and GID. Better in the range of 5000(my own opinion).

All the best 😉

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Lost an hour hunting this. Mandriva 2008 shipped the rpm with minUID set at 100. However the package created a ftp user and group set below that. arg…

Usually I expect bugs like that if I complied and installed it myself. Not out of the can from the distro.

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