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Respect TMNet’s Technician

I want give a respect to one of the TMNet service technician. Yesterday, my modem burnt out, with smell, not lightning strike, as yesterday morning no rain at all. So, I went to Kelana Jaya TM Point to claim a new modem, it’s still under warranty, I subscribe since August 2005. The customer service told me they will make a report, and ask me wait for the technician visit my home on Tuesday evening(Sunday and Monday is public holiday). I said I need to do work online, she said can’t help me on this matter because their center has no stock.

So, I can’t do anything, end up I went to bought a new one for backup, in case next time it burnt/cannot use. Just now, early morning, somebody ring the bell. Wow, suprisingly the TMNet technician bring me the new modem to replace!

ok, cheers for the technician, I respect you and appreciate your help(anyways, I have already bought a new one.. Er, for backup la!). If all the TMNet staff have the good attitude like him, I believe TMNet can improve A LOT!!!

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This does happen now an then. Once when I couldn’t get a link for longer than 5 minutes, the technician called twice on Sunday evening to make sure that the link was fixed. Onced to say he’s working on it, second to check if it really was fixed. (report on Saturday).

Streamyx still takes a dive in performance now and then, but so far it’s not too bad. Now if only they can push the transfer’s for home up to 2Mbit 🙂

I just hate their over-the-phone techs. They follow some sort of script every single time (even if it is the 3rd time you call in) and treat you like an idiot, even when you clearly spell out the problem for them.

Their techs are good people, but it does not solve the fact that Streamyx SUCKS. The connection always gets dropped, speeds are incredibly slow compared to other countries, and there seems to have been not much progress on increasing the coverage for YEARS. My place in Ampang is still not covered.

You are lucky to get this kind of good service. My modem burnt out since 2 weeks ago and I called to 1300 to complaint, until today still no one called me for appointment. I do follow up every day by calling them and till yesterday, they said the technician claim that they already replace the modem. I was in shock then. The burnt modem still sitting in my room ??? Now, they want me to create another report no for them to re-open the case. I want to compaint to their manager or head of department anyone can help ?


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