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Restaurant Food Price Hike Too

After the petrol price hike, I read from the newspaper that prices of restaurant food also increased, starting 1st of March. So how much does a noodle cost us now? RM4? RM3.80? It’s damn expensive, RM6 to have lunch. Everything has increased now, except our salary, still the same.

I read some of the readers comments that our petrol price is still considered low compared with US or others countries. But I think most of them missed out some points. First of all, their vehicle prices are lower than our country. Their living standards are higher than us. Prime Minister stressed that the petrol price hike only happen ONE time this year. Then what about next year? Will it be one-shot 50cents? For me, 30cents is really a lot, because of the hike, a lot of daily-use stuff will become more expensive. Don’t you consider all of this?

Besides that, there is a protest this evening, 2pm, at KLCC. For me, the protest is useless, the government doesnt bother about the protest. They might treat it as a bunch a people walking pass the street, and Malaysian policemen have something to do, a little bit busy than normal day, time to show how many FRU we have in KL.

How to save more money? It’s hard for me now.

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Wah.. how to survive laddis? Seems that too many things are affected due to petrol hike. Maybe we should demand for RM30 raise from our bosses to cover the hike. Ehehe… I’m still a student tho, nyeks

telan peluru leh……anyways i was at the protest at klcc last friday and it was quite cool looking at the fru lads in their new spanky uniform, the crowd was quite big from where i was positioned at .The thing is that it wasn’t that a big a crowd to really make an impact at all…..

well, here’s hoping that our public buses /lrt get’s better…and pak lah taking it and feel the rakyat’s pain….

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