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Saya nAnti-Rasuah Video? Aku ada RM50 saje

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Police Malaysia has launched investigation to both of the local “actor”. God bless 😀

p/s: This is a fake video posted by one of the member on youtube.

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Femes question as usual:
“Macam mana?” or “Macam mana nak tolong?”
keyword ===>”settle!”
like our SPM, mesti guna kata-kata kunci wan…

not bad, somor for rm50 got greeting.

very good…but i think the give rasuah and the taker also salah wor……

another things that we never notice, the RM300 saman actually is depend on cases……do you notice that the policeman always make this statement to 恐吓 us , make us scared and offered the rasuah?

as i noticed that the real Yang menjalan Tugas Polis never mention the amount that saman charged…he will ask you go check with the counter…

so let’s think about it…

but this video may cause trouble to both side……

hahahahaha, i actually did a short film on this topic focusing on ” tolong settlekan!” statement and the “bagaimanakan boleh tolong…” but never have this geng chow video la…GENG

From my observation, I think this video might be staged lah. The cop in the video might also be an actor. If you look closely, he’s not wearing a proper police uniform. Typically u can spot some badges or insignia on the uniform ie: his sleeve, even if he’s wearing the vest. Meanwhile his vest is also different from the standard issued vest worned by traffic police. There’s also no name tag on his vest too. Besides, he’s baju’s looks suspiciously like an ‘office’ long sleeve shirt. And if you look at his pants, there are no stripes. Just my two cents.. So what do you all think?

Meanwhile even if this video is proven to be staged and acted out. I wonder what are the legal implications on the ‘producers’ of this video. Wonder if the IGP and his boys will scream for blood since the ‘honour’ of the police force is being tarnished in such a manner ( though I don’t discount the fact that there are quite a bunch of bad hats among the good honest ones as well).. Hehehehehehe

Yeah I’m sure any drivers worth his salt would have experienced a scenario like that at least once in their driving experience. I admit I had a few brushes with ‘them’ too. What I normally do is to ask them to give me the summon right away. Even when he says the summon is RM300. They’ll be surprised..

Then I’ll tell them I commited an offence and I have to be held accountable, and it’s his duty to reprimand me. He! He! He! Well, he’ll go on and on about the RM300 summon to pay and the hassle I will go through. He’ll try to play mind games without ever hinting he wants me to settle with him. I find it quite amusing though. From all my experience so far, they will let me off when I do that. It’s like Russian roulette. I’ve only received a summon once when I did this. But most of the time I was let off. So far I’ve been through this for more than 8 times ( i think) in my entire period as a licensed driver 🙂 To save face, most of them will let me off with a stern warning. 🙂

just kena “using handphone with left hand and listening with left ear”
fine = rm 100 , no court case 🙂
maybe is i settle it the next day and the punishment set to the lowest ?

My job responsibility is to standby after office hour, this means my company must be able to reach me when matters arise. I still remember once my boss call me on my company phone while i was driving in the middle of a highway, the phone is so old that there is no hands free kit available. End up being summoned. Bring ticket to boss, he say cannot claim. ‘Wan Sek Kan Nan’ literally means in the world we live today, not easy to earn money. Lately, I heard that to renew your malaysian passport is no longer rm300 its rm500!. Prices go up everyday, while there are some ppl who get less then rm50 increment on their salary every year.

according to the original poster in youtube, this video is fake, it was filmed for an art exhibition in feb 2006. however, i bet with my head many many many drivers have come across this situation.

Musa Hassan, “這個片子已使到警隊形象受損,令公眾產生誤解。警方會調查拍攝者的動機為何,是否已構成刑事罪。”

I wonder why he so concern about the motive. He should already known that Most of his man is doing the exact trick to the public. Should he try to look at his man instead?

It was so REAL that I think any driver sure have got this kind of experience before. I SWEAR I will try take the REAL video if I get caught while driving. see if there is any different between acting and realife.

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