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Girl Gangster Fight in School

Would you send your daugther to school and wallop by a bunch of school gangster? How sad it’s the guys were just standing there enjoy watching the girl kena wallop by few idiotive and uneducatad girls. The video has been circulated in the internet, I wish the super gangster girl good luck, may the lord with you and have a better day in your future.

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i guess this is the great by product of the latest advent of technology…oi vey …..first it was the nude ear squats and now “girl fight…the miri,sarawak,malaysia version”…and people wonder why i don’t go dating with miri girls ….damn violent one …imagine if marry one of them …mampus..

vincenthue – 2 wrongs dont make a right. please be careful about what you say. hoping that someone gets raped is truly inhumane and disgusting. no one – NO ONE – ‘deserves’ to be raped, no matter the crime or circumstance. please check yourself and your principles once again. i hope u dont have a mother or sisters who read your comment. they would be very sad and disappointed. i hope!

i think you should use your passion for right and wrong a little more wisely. condemn the wrongdoing – as you’ve done – but do it justiciably.

vince, ur sick. please seek help.

on another note. some ppl were commenting that the guys didn’t do anything to help ease the issue. perhaps u might have overlooked the fact that the girl might be the ring leader. things are not as simple as it seems. and the victim is …idle throughout the whole process. if she can’t stand up for herself then that’s what she’s going to get when mixing around with these kind of people OR stepping on the wrong person’s tail. Guys get beated up for no reason all the time. There is no exception for girls.
The only way i’ll get surprised, if i see a video of a gang of guys beating a girl.

Wow! Looks like I stired a hornet’s nest with that statement. Ok I retract my earlier it. On a another note I get really pissed when I see Bullies in action. Probably stem from from the fact that I meet them in every form in my entire life. Then again I believe you reap what you sow. So somehow I do believe whatever the bully has down willl catch up with her in the future. Besides i have a have wicked sense of humor anyway.. Heheheheheh

Hehehehehehe. No issue Paulie. It’s just that bullies get on my nerves all the time. What gives them the right to bully people and victimise them.

truth to be told, in terms of rape and bullying…i think at times a lot of people don’t realize that they themselves present to others being a “target” or “victim”…i mean if any, if one would say present “fear” in their looks then it would easy for the predators to take advantage of them …this is mostly true in terms of “bully” cases while the same cannot be said about “rape” altogether …because “rape” cases that are seen are known while others such as “family rape” are hardly reported altogether in any society …it was many years ago a fellow that i knew told me how his “friend” was raped by her father …it was sad and we sort of wanted to take actions upon the matter by reporting it to the police but when we got there with her , she totally declined and said that it was made up altogether …but one doesn’t have to go “sigmund frued” on her to know the fact that those bruises doesn’t come out of playing hopscotch in the local parks….

now as far as the bullying cases that are occuring now …it’s been around society since the dawn of time and if any my advise to any bully victim …..Don’t let yourself be a victim ……either u fight them there and then or u take actions via the police force (that is if these guys are reliable..hopefully) about and take photo evidence if possible …and if the cops don’t work…there are other organization that would put the story in the highlights and it doesn’t have to be a news organization…

It happen coz of the gangster gal didnt pay for her food and the victim reported. Then victim was beaten up for the first time for that. But victim told others she was beaten up. Therefore she got beaten up for the second time (the video) for ALLEGEDly telling ppl she got beaten up the first time.
Victim is not from Stjoe but Stco.
Gangster Gals are from STjoe.
Location at Taman Selera Miri.

*One of Gals’ dad is a gangster. Therefore, there is a GAG on all EAST MALAYSIAN NEWSPAPERS NOT TO REPORT THE NEWS.
Therefore, Only WEst Malaysian Papers dare to report the news.

*Principal of Stjoe TRIES to cover up alleging it was staged.
*Principal of Stjoe TRIES to say it is other schools’ students, BUT BUT BUT he fail to notice that only STJOEs used BLUE ties in Miri !!

*Victim cant RUN coz U and I know she would be severely injured if she run.

Good that victim didnt fight back coz it would be called fighting if she did. AS she didnt response, it is called Bullying. With guys support, fighting back would also caused more injuries. She may be arrested also if she did hit back.

Hope these clear matters.

ive not seen the video..seems that it has been removed like to have a look at it see if its just an act or is it for real

i seriously think that such incidents has happen more than just this once…just that this case more publicised. the girls should be punished to serve as a lesson for others who even think of attempting to do it. Btw, i havent had a chance to look at the video…please mail it to me. thanks.

it might seem drastic, but i really think someone should report that beating to the police. It isn’t ok for it to happen and i dont believe that it should be allowed to continue.

i’m not from Malaysia and i’ve watched the video. my comment is that i think those two girls should meet me, let’s do it two-versus-one and see who’ll win this time… oh, i’d also like to personally meet that girl who was just watching and smiling and holding up two fingers in that video, let’s see who’s smiling this time ya..

to gangster girl: pls change your skin colour and dont say u r a chinese, so what? dad is gangster ah? if dad is gangster no need dotter come out fight liao lo, dad is pig and mom is bitch maybe la, brought up this kind of dotter.. $%^&*()

Kenalah nak gaduh… ingat anak orang anak patungkah main hantam sahaja!! Cubalah kesian sikit… bagi chance dan bincang elok-elok. Memang xpnah p sembayang!!!! Aku tok kaki pukullah juga. Tapi taklah pukul orang kedak anak patung. Boleh jdi kes polis ini. n’ hei korang xtaukah yang hal korang tok akan dibentangkan juga oleh kabinet kementerian. BUAT MALU ORANG MIRI SAJA!!!
Ok lepas tok bertobatlah….

WTF!!! those girls are such losers man! i really cant stand watching the video, like cant do anything…. shit! i mean, how many girls on ONE girl??? arent they losers?! haha… kids are kids. i wonder wat they will do if our gang are there.. doesnt the police have eyes???

First of all if all these are for real, We have to seek what cause the whole gang to beat up the girl. What has she done to make them so aggresive? Or are the gang girls just trying to be aggressive just to show off to the camera that they are super?

The boys! Useless and chicken among all. All they did is just saying “enough enough enough?” But did i see any actions from them? Even if they are supporting the ganggirls, they should have at least made things more simplier and helping stop this. From the video, i even heard the camera man said:” Not even 5 min de film..” Its shows that obviously they are doing the filming on purpose just to flim everything for FUN! What is this? Do u all think this is a fun thing to do? Filming and beating up a girl who doesnt even defence for herself?

Why doesnt the victim defence for herself? That is another question. We couldnt simple just say shes afraid.. Perhaps this migh not be the first time she got beaten up by them and she had learnt her lesson that if she were to defence for herself of lay her hands back at them, the situation might get worsE! so please do find out if this is the first time that such things happen!

A malay girl among the gang bullies? She’s also one aggresive girl who even took a belt with the metal head to hit the victim. In the video , it shows only for a short while that the malay girl tries to hit the victim and yet there is also a hard clanking sound.

My questions: Is these about BOYFRIENDS or about the victims teling ppl dat they had bullied her previously? Confuse!

actually i got inside news from one of the girls…. they were rehearsing for WWF show down… but they forgot WWF is one on one…

based on so many school bullies going on in Malaysia, i think not long from now we can see pirate CD selling School Brawl Collection…


oh my god… that was really really stomach turning to see a bunch of school girls .. I’m shocked to see this footage it’s worst then seeing people getting beheaded . Cuz it’s happening to the younger generations in our own country .. imagine what sort of women they will grow up to be ? … Parents should give more attention and effort.
The gangsters should be ashame of themselves and the boys … ( Should be Sebat for supporting the girls till their buntut never heal so that they will remember to stop a girl from getting bullied.)

May the almighty God bless all the people on earth, especially to the victim and forgive the bunch of loosers involved!

I sincerely hope peace forever! The bunch of loosers are too young, they thought this is the best way to solve problem just because they were being treaten this way before AND maybe still they are!

This video shows how some Mu Lao Hu (female tigers) and some Du Ser (snakes) attacking their prey! They can’t solve problem! They are totally Ban Shi Bu Li “benz break” (Looser) MALU!.

This video also shows that these Mu Lao Hu totally blind and lack or thinking! they kept asking a soft hearted and tiny girl to fight them back! pheew! not knowing they are heavier then a pig, they are like a big fat wild pig to a rabbit! They don’t even have enough brain juice to send the message, MALU!

This video also shows that these Mu Lao Hu totally do not know how to use proper punches and slaps! They should go take up some course like martial art! (have to abide martial art’s rules~ah!) Fang Shang Wang? (put to web?) MALU!

Also, a total fail to the person who do the shooting! lack of basic skill, made most of the people who watch this clip headache and dizzy for days! MALU!

Thanks to God the victim did not fight back and she is clever! she knew that she is unable to fight with a bunch of Mu Lao Hu. She is not scared and did not run away! running away will make things worse, coz they are dozens of animals and she knew that she can’t run fast in return will be captured by the boys if necessary and will make the boys angry! I think she knew that amongs these bad peoples, sure someone will watch enough of her suffering and help her up! well, this is what happened, right?

I wonder what is the victim decision? did she lodge a police report? please? how is she now? go to the hospital and scan on the head please!

To all the bunch of loosers, please be reminded you will face this kind of situation anytime, any way against yourselves. Is this still the best way to solve problems? MAKE YOUR PILLOW HIGHER AND THINK IT OVER! boooooo malu to all the bunch of loosers! BooOOHOOO!

I, as a Malaysian, felt ashame just by looking at this clip!

The best way to solve any problem = HUMBLE, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, STUDY HARD (or keep learning new things), STICK TO YOUR FAMILY AND PRAY TO JESUS! (keep reminding yourself throughout your life!)

i often being bully in my school during early primary school….but since year 4….i started to fight back….even i was outnumber…i have learn to fight back because nobody will care for you….people only love to be bystanders..cheering..clapping…..hence i survived all my way to form 5….i even become a bully of the bully….whenever i notice someone is being bullied..he will get a bashing from me…..i was called “mike tyson” for hospitalised some bully….i just want you to know bully is a kind of culture that happen anywhere…there will always be bully or being bully..

Hi it again I…
Tell to me, how old these girls?
I think that it is simply children’s pranks and with the years they will pass
I read on the Internet, that in malaysia, very affable and kind people, I even wished to arrive studies or to live in malaysia
I in a shock!

Send please to me video on EMAIL

how old r they ? i just can said , for the victim , maybe she gt the experience b4 so she didnt defend anymore in this 2nd time , she thought tat keep quiet is the best way .she had nothing to explain , coz she only can n she will only said ” mei you ( no ) ” , while the gangsters wan her to say ” you ( yes ) ” … /swt .. wat2do .. tats all wat she could say .the gangster , one of them’s dad is gangster head ? if so .. in this reality society , status , money .. r the power , it is nothing shock for that girl to do so coz she got a big power dad . i think they will be regret n feel themselves stupid one day in the future . every teenagers would meet this kind of problems , depends what types of human they meet , the guys inside , so lame .. they just watching live show , they could do anything coz they might be boycotted later n they oso dont want to get into trouble , free show why should myself get involved ? thats the teenagers nowsaday . they r naive , childish , idiotic .. but , this is what we called as teenagers … so .. lets hope .. the coming generation will be another better generation

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