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servicing industry, which mean you provide valuable services in your business to your customer. so the one who pay your salary is the one that you serve; customer. my job industry is a servicing industry, we are an ISP. same like TMNet but we are not as big as them, we are just a small potatoes, because compare to us and TM, we are nothing.

Provide good quality of service will build good customer tree in your business, customer like it, they love how you serve them, they are happy on what they pay and what they get it. but good quality service comes with price, i have seen a lot people complaint us for price, because they make some compare with local telcos, but most of them are don’t get the behind scene on why it’s expensive/cheap. I bet you guys heard no free lunch in this world. Well, there is no good quality of service and IP in low price too. even though we are small, but we are still surviving because we have better quality of services compare to some others telco players.

recently i am very very unhappy with tmnet, i registered my streamyx account 2 weeks ago, suppose to be activated in 3 days after the registration, but it has been delayed to 2 weeks+. nobody will be happy if it keeps on continue put back the activation. actually i am tiring calling the 1300’s no. and talk to the guys and ask for update on the status everyday, and everyday repeating the same question to them and they give me the same update, which is wait. wait wait wait wait… i seem to be calm down a lot because i don’t talk damn bloody loud on the phone and furthermore i knew it doesn’t help much not matter how loud you swear to them and it’s nothing to them. they told me the jumper is not set yet/the jumper is having problem. i am in the telco industry, how hard to set the jumper mate? it take less than 5 minutes to set a jumper and it also takes less than a day to do a loop back. in 2 weeks, you can set jumper for thousand times and do loop test for 10 times, also perform some repair for more than 5 times if something is wrong with jumper.

To be frank, I think this is human/attitude problem more than a jumper problem. this is the problem when you live in a country that no one care about consumer, no matter how many complaint you made, it wouldn’t help. for a large telco like TM, i think they don’t really care about the consumer? don’t you agreed with me? you can see a lot of complains on google when you make a search on tm net or streamyx. but is there any action taken against them or do they improve their quality of services? If yes, I will not the late activation until today, not yet solve until now.

okay, lets think about it, if you don’t subscribe to TM services who is the other provider you can subscribe to for a land line broadband with a low cheap rate? I can say Nobody. We have to live with it in this country, the largest telco has monopolized the market, if you don’t subscribe to them, it doesn’t hurt much in their business, because they know in the end of the day, you will still looking for them, even though their is services is sucks.

well, to the boys out there, save your breath complaining to TM, I think they don’t really care about you guys, better that you spend your time have a teh tarik in mamak with your friend or turn on your tv and watch some movie like what i did.

What can I do right now? Wait

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  1. 你有可能不相信 , 但是这个确实是我的亲身经验
    我老板的cafe用jaring 1 mb 的线比 tmnet 2 mb *3 的好

    有可能你lagi不相信 。。。
    tmnet user 根本/非常极度难进到 申请jaring

    有可能你lagi lagi 不相信。。。
    streamyx有4mb for home user 的。。。。。
    rm268 per month with modem

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