Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

我說中國的萬里長城是世界7 大 奇蹟 之 一
他說美國的大峽谷是世界7 大 奇蹟 之 一
我說Leaning Tower of Pisa 是世界7 大 奇蹟 之 一
他說TajMahal India是世界7 大 奇蹟 之 一
在大戰了300個回合後 …我們一致裁定回去找正確的答案

以下是我找到的答案 , 我們剛才上面所說的都不是 =.=
Pyramids of Egypt (on west bank of Nile River near Cairo )
Pharos of Alexandria (On ancient island of Pharos in harbor of Alexandria, Egypt)
Hanging Gardens of Babylon(In Babylon near modern-day Baghdad, Iraq )
The Temple of Artemis (DIANA)(In Greek city of Ephesus, on west coast of modern Turkey)
Statue of (Zeus Ancient Greek city of Olympia )
Mausoleum at Halicarnassus (southwestern Turkey)
The Colossus of Rhodes (Near harbor of Rhodes, a Greek island in Aegean Sea)

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