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Sick of Moving Around

Finally my new place internet is up. Life without internet is really bad, 50% of my daily life is dedicated to the internet, no internet is equal to no life. Furthermore I am on stand by this week, amitabha there were no downtime for the pass 3 days, else I got to head to the office in the middle of the night if something wrong happened.

This time, no complain to TM regarding moving my phone line, they had done what they promised, moving the phone line and streamyx in 3 days. But 3 days is consider long for me :P.

Here are some pictures;

Our new landlord doesn’t provides us TV and Sofa, so I have to buy a set of sofa and my housemate on TV

Room is small, compared with previous place.

New place, new life, got to clean up a lot of shity stuff in the house.

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Your new house quite good mah…….got extra room or not….??When i go KL then i can stay your new house….ehehehehe……:)

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