Paul-琮政 Life


After finish the work work work and due to the heavy rain aftre work, plan to send sogua back to home. But before that, have to think about my dinner, where to “ciak”? hmm.. some where that we will not caught in rain. So I suggested KL Sentral. Ah Max, Ah Chua and Ah Paul. 3 of us to to KL Sentral, petrol around look for a place to dine. If you ask them make decision, I think until 12am they also don’t know where to “ciak”. Again, I suggested my favourite fast food restaurant – KFC!

Ei, before that. Lin went something wrong! Why? Heavy rain, and his car parked 500m far away from our office, when we are leaving to KL Sentral. Supricing he didn’t ask me go give him a lift to get his car. How come? Well.. I think I bully him too much and make him fear to ask for help from me? Heheh, well… If he don’t ask I also need to sek zhou la right? So.. I open my heart and offer him a lift. 🙂

Now, Sogua.Dinasour.Takizo are using Timezone Broadband in KL Sentral KFC, I am blogging. There other is hunting something online, what they hunt? Ask them lo.

Long time didn’t blog, welcome our new Blogger – Mr Max Loo, The Dinasour