Watch out for Some asshole local company Employment

Last week, one of my friend went for a job interview and she got an offer from a VOIP dot com dot my fucking company. Basically, once you get an offer, they will prepare an offer letter for you. The salary that the so call bloody cheap CEO confirmed with her during the interview was RMx5xx, and the damn CEO ask her to collect the offer letter on the first day of work. Monday, it’s the first day she went to work, and she got the offer letter from the company. Damn, the salary offer during the interview and the offer letter given is totally different. Supposingly the offer would be RMx500, and now the offer is RMx350. Althought it’s RM150 lesser, but what the company promised during the interview is different now, how can we trust a company that didn’t give the offer he promise during the interview? So, I sugggest my friend don’t sign the offer letter. Sign or not sign? If for me, I felt cheated by that company, I will look for other job, there are a lot of job oppotunity out there. Why work for a company that didn’t do what he promised?

Furthermore, there is no bonus, no allowance, no medical care. What the fuck is going on? Don’t the company have the business ethic?

For fresh graduate, here is my basic guidelines, mean some basic question you need to ask. So you won’t get con by those bloody fucking company

Basic Salary
Fix salary offer by a company, not including allowance, why we must classified as basic salary, because 7%-11% of you basic salary will be deduct for EPF.

According to Malaysian Labour Law, 7%-11% of your basic salary must be allowcate for EPF. If you do not have the EPF account, you got to register one with KWSP or the employer will register for you. Basically, the employer HAS TO register for you. Beside that, employer will contribute 7%-12% for your EPF.

Socso will deduct from your basic salary, it also contribute by employer.

Some company might giving your petrol, laptop, handphone or reimbursement allowance.

Annual Leave
Minimum 14 days annual leave will be given for one year

Bonus or Share
Some company will be giving bonus or share in the end of the year.

Medical Care
Some company also given medical care to their employee.

and check out more info from Media Pekerja website

So, when you got the job, what should you ask? Ask them;
1. What is my BASIC SALARY?
2. How many ANNUAL LEAVE did I get?
3. Did I have MEDICAL CARE protection?
4. Is there any ALLOWANCE given?

Bonus or Share are not important, can skip that. If you work hard, sure company will give you bonus at the end of the year 🙂

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  1. SAme SAME idea with PAULLL…!
    next time during interview i must bring a recorder and record what the fooker said and SUE HIM kau kau! ESShhh
    yea..leave the company straight!…

  2. It also happened in Thailand the last contact said “Any assignment from the employer”!!!!!! means…every assignment additional from the contact …you must do it!!!

  3. Just to be fair, a company will usually require the newbie to go through a probational period before deciding if you are indeed a best fit for the job. Hence, the oldest trick in the employment handbook is that they will give you a slightly lower than agreed pay BUT promised to top that up once you are confirmed (after the probation period or sometimes earlier if you are such a smart cookie).

    There should be some fine prints somewhere in the offer letter that should state this otherwise, it is up to you to bring this up with the HR. Perhaps, this is the first test for the joiner on “Speak your right…or forever shut your mouth”.

  4. Probation is another issue, but the CEO must eat his word, when he said RMx500 then must be RMx500, he didn’t sai RMx350 and after confirm is RMx500, he said “Ok, you basic salary will be RMx500…” This is unfair right?

  5. I met one IT company in puchong selling figerprint system worst than this. there are few questions in the QnA part is
    -: if you cannot hit the sales target we set, can i pay u no basic? (if cannot)why?
    -: if the company ask u to stay for duty without pay, do u agree? (if cannot) why?
    …….there isa lot more..
    elsys system
    i agree with this one :What the fuck is going on? Don’t the company have the business ethic?

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