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I bought Sportstoto today, try my luck strike for the jackpot RM3,108,000.00 prize. So what, of course I didn’t striked it, else I won’t be writing and let you know I am rich here, let you rob me.

The result of today 6/49 is 3, 17, 20, 22, 36, 37 + 26. What I want to say is, I nearly strike it, 1/2 of the numbers I got. The numbers I bought was 1, 3, 13, 17, 20, 30. Ya, strike 3 numbers, NO PRIZE 😛

Let you know how I pick my numbers, me alone(1) change job to the new company, I have three(3) interviewed before I got an offer, starting my new job on 13th(13) of February. I plan to take leave on 17th(17) March for Jason Mraz concert. Come back on 20th(20) March to start working hard. I tendered my resignation 30days(30) before I join the new company.

Hidden message in my Sportstoto lucky pick. Tomorrow my last day in the current company, I would to thank everybody in the company and wish everybody all the best in the future. I really enjoy working with you all. Thanks!

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I tried many draws, since I start making my own living, never strike not even a penny ! This is what people said ‘SAVING’ but I call it ‘RIVER OF NO RETURN’ don’t you agree ? Oh… I wish Tua Pek Kong will give me a chance to become ‘KAYA’ lohhhhhh !

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