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Streamyx dialouge session with TMNet CEO – Michael Lai

I got an email from Telekom Malaysia. I want to get 10 people including me to join a dialogue session with CEO of TMNet – Michael Lai. The dialogue session is for people who are not satisfied with the services provided by TMNet. – Like me!

Please send an email to,tell me what problem(s) you have had previously, and I’ll pick 9 people to join the dialogue session. First come first serve. Please leave your contact no with me as well. What is the purpose of the dialogue session? Please read the email from TM below:-

Hi Mr Paul,

In response to your e-mail, it is of best interest that both parties (you as
the customer and TM Net Sdn Bhd as the Internet service provider) to meet up
personally to have an open dialogue session to discuss the issues which you
have highlighted.

By having the dialogue session, Mr Michael would have a clearer picture on
what the TM Net customers are facing in relation to the service that they
are subscribed to.

Therefore, Mr Michael together with TM Net as a whole can work towards
tackling the roots of all the problems faced by customers. Thus, be able to
give satisfactory service to our valued customers.

It is much appreciated that you and all other TM Net related bloggers would
participate in this dialogue session that will be beneficial for all.

Michael Lai wants to hear some feedback from us and improve their services. If our suggestions to him can help improve TM services, why not give him some ideas? Please let me know as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate and allow time to pass… not only things related to TMNet streamyx. If you’re not satisfied with the co-lo in TMNet Netmyne, also welcome.

Here are some links I searched back from my blog. I think I have made too many complaints to TMNet/Telekom, that’s why they managed to find me from the recent post. But my work/business is related online, can’t blame me.. 🙂

Telekom Malaysia, You are always SUCK!

TMNut really suck, Malaysian… Do you agree?

TMNUT screwed up at TTDI


Chicken Rice

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9 replies on “Streamyx dialouge session with TMNet CEO – Michael Lai”

Oi Paul .. i wanna go for the dialouge session can ah? i’ve been waiting for stimx 2 years already .. still not available at my area .. sighs 😀

Hi Mr Paul,
My Streamyx is down since 2nd this months. I have make so many complaints yet the service still not up. I want to write to Mr Michael Lai directly to make a complaint. ( I know that this will make no difference. ((this is TMNet culture)) But I still need to write to him.) Can you give me Mr Michael Lai e-mail?

[…] I received an email from TMNet for Dialogue Session with Michael Lai in August last year. I didn’t turn up the dialogue session last year, because it was held on 30th August, which falled under Merdeka Eve day, who gonna jam til Subang Chaters Cafe and having a chat right? […]

TmNet Streamyx Customer Service (Helpdesk) is still one of the worst helpdesks in the world although Michael Lai takes over the reign as CEO of TmNet.
I have just subscribed to TmNet Streamyx sometime end of March, 2006. In less than 20 days, my streamyx connection has been disrupted for few days, and when i called to Helpdesk (Customer Service), nobody is willing to receive the call although i have called at least 30 times at a different time. What can we users do if broadband service has been almost monopolized by TmNet? So,We, as customers, have to endure the suck service even if it is terrible.

you all still luckier than mine, while was testing good by technician March this year, then I registered through cell-phone. You know what happened? NEVER able to connect again. Complained no solution, asked rebate no action. I forced to close the account, but the bill is rm497. Although no service any more, but the bill still arrive in time every month. I will not pay the bill, because no service no payment.

My action is no more TM services!!! TM is an Extreme Terrible Service in the world.
I suggest, don’t use streamyn anymore, close the account.

I absolutely agreed wat they talked .. well. i think TMnet company should take some action on that not only like NATO…. (No Action,Talk ONly).. if Malaysia got more telephone service provider i think TMnet will “byebye” mean close shop .. cos the broadband is always lag or down or unstable when call up they will give 100 of execuses.. or stupid assistant TMnet’s back up service is very lousy.. finally i hope u guys will Improve on service not so stupid advertising… Thanks

Streamyx…Services… The connection to the server has failed. Subject ‘testing’, Account:’’, server:”’, Protocol:smtp,Port:587,secure(SSL):No,socket Error:10060,Error Number:0x800CCC0E What Services is this??

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